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    ISC should get modernized and accept discussions on core issues and rare issues

    Of late there has been spate of complaint in the forum that threads and responses are deleted by the editors of this site citing posting guidelines and policy of this great site. We are aware of every thing and we are also with this site for over 7 years now. When other sites are discussing issues of core and rare issues, we are confined to follow the very old policy of not discussing anything which is detrimental to site reputation. I feel we have creative ideas on varied issues and our freedom is curtailed in the garb of site rules. ISC should come out and follow other sites which do allow discussions on controversial issues and there must be nothing wrong to accept here too.
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    The thread raised by Mr. Mohan is very relevant. ISC Editors delete many threads stating 'policy violation', which is basically a vague term. Many issues which are relevant, contemporary and are being discussed in various platforms, are not allowed in ISC.
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    Mr. Mohan, core and rare issues? Should I be more open? I understand why you raised this thread and I do understand why Partha has come up with a supporting comment.

    And Partha, the site does have certain rules and guidelines which need to be followed. 'Policy violation' is not a vague term; please try to understand.

    ISC need not be compared with other social media sites. Let us have our independent identity!

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    Saji I do appareciate ISC must have its own identity but that should not be hindrance to shut our voice or freedom to raise some good issues of Indian people importance.
    K Mohan
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    So far as I am concerned, I suport the view of Mr. Mohan simply because many of my threads have been deleted.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Mr Saji,
    It is true that ISC doesn't allow core and rare threads. Very recently I posted a thread asking the names of famous heroines of Hindi cinema under the "Entertainment/Actors" category. Without any reason, the thread was deleted. Please tell us the ISC guidelines regarding posting of threads under "Entertainment/Actors"

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