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    The jumping jack attitude also seen in ISC. Not against any one but jumping of threads

    For the past few days I am facing the peculiar problem that when ever I want to attend or respond to a thread and wants to click to reach the content box, the thread suddenly ducks or jumps and my cursor end up clicking the previous thread to which I am not interested or already given response. This is really creating irritation. The ads which are appearing in the middle of the pages are probably responsible for this actions. I hope others members are also facing this problem. I would request ISC to set right this problem.
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    I am also facing the same problem. I request ISC Administration to look into the matter.
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    Yes Mohan, You are right. I too experienced the thread jumping problem recently. I thought it was my mistake of clicking on a wrong thread.
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    We are all experiencing it. It is likely due to the advt. at the top and the other ads which are all around. Exercise patience, wait till the page is fully loaded, including all the ads, and then only click on what you wish to open.

    To know about the page loading:
    Look at the bottom left of your screen. You will see "Waiting for", followed by "Waiting for...." which indicates the loading of the advts. When the full lot is finished, which takes barely a few nanonseconds, then & then only go and click on the page you want to look at. Each time you click on a page you wish to open, whether a forum thread or an article or an AE thread, just wait. Patience is an art. Learn it here & you will be able to apply it in all walks of life.

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    But Vandana some times the loading is taking lots of time and when I am about to click the thread once more it is getting selected to the one step above thread and I am directed to unwanted post page.
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    Yes the author is right. When ever I click the content page to type the other page its self is opened. Sometimes the page will not be loaded fully or will end with some errors. I Had thought I am facing this problem because of my pc problem. but after reading this thread I came to know its the site problem. Really those ads are creating problem and making the work slow.

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    It never happened earlier. I never faced such problems in the past. Why now? Does it mean that we haven't learned the art of being patient, and now we are impatient to see the thread jump?

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