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    Rare Democratic happening in TN : One vote of people gets three CM ?

    Probably first time in the world and in a democratic country of India, the southern state of Tamil Nadu is gong to have the third Chief Minister within short span. The voter of Tamil Nadu has voted for AIADMK to occupy power and Jayalalithaa was eventually occupied as the CM. As the destiny took her to illness and from where she never returned and that forced O Pannerselvam to be the stop gap Chief Minster of the state. Now after making Shashikala as the AIADMK General Secretary, the party gives her ample power to become the CM. So for the TN voter his one vote is going to see the third CM soon.
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    There are many hilarious tweets and memes doing the rounds based on the current political situation in Tamil Nadu. My WhatsApp account has never seen so much activity. I receive a funny forward, every few minutes.
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    What is an uncommon feature in this? What happened in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh when YSR the elected CM was killed in an air crash? Rosiah and Kiran Reddy were dumped successively by the Congress high command and same thing happened - one vote, three CMs.

    Also look back the proceedings happened in the National scenario in 1996. Deve Gowda, I K Gujral became PMs in a row and the Loksabha went for elections in 1999. Thus, one vote and two PMs. It all happens in a democracy!


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    A scene to enjoy:
    Jayalalitha, and PannerSelvam were travelling in a bus. Jaya on her ladies seat, Panneer on his gents seat. At the destination,(Burial Ground) Jaya alights. Panneer Selvam shifts his seat to the ladies seat. After a while, Sashikala boards the bus and stands. She tells Panneer Selvam "Gentleman. This is ladies seat. Kindly vacate, please". Panner Selvam obliges, gets up and sits in his own gents seat. Sashikala sits on the ladies seat which was used by Jayalalitha.

    Here, the seat is CM post. How do you like it?

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