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    Who Is Your Inspiration In Life?

    Every individual has someone as their role model in life, not because they are some superman or something but because they acquire some good qualities in them. A person is always known for his good deeds in life. And when we come across such an individual we get inspired and follow them in life. So who is that great personality that inspires and motivates you in every step of your life? And why?
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    My first inspiration was my maternal grandfather. I had been brought up from age of six months (as an infant) to my ninth year by my maternal grandparents. It was after that I joined my parents. From then on my inspiration was my father. It was from my father that I learned many things of real life. My father did not have the fortune of getting guidance from his father as he lost him when he was just eighteen and had to shoulder responsibility of a family. So he had erred on some count, suffered in the absence of confident giving and dependable support and guidance. So I learned many things by observing his talk and actions and style-some I followed as such , some I learned to avoid in my life.
    My maternal grandmother also could inspire me on many things. Even though she had never gone to school, it was she who taught me mathematics orally and taught many a moral lesson and proverbs that could guide me in my life.

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    For me the elders are the inspiration in my life. Be it my grand father, my father, my mother, my uncle or even my neighbor or friend's father. I always respect the elders and fortunately most of my known people are elder than me and I feel comfortable in exchanging views and pleasantries with them. By virtue of having interaction and contacts with the elders, we are getting their experience and legacy and that are test proven and time tested. So we cannot go wrong if the elders advise are followed and sustained. It may sound strange for some but my attitude cannot change on this.
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    I take inspiration from different things. Inspiration is not restricted to people alone. I can be inspired by something I read or see. Inspirations are all around us; we just need the ability to be able to see them as opportunities to learn from.

    A child learning to walk can be an inspiration teaching us that anything can be mastered through practice. A child falls over and over again but doesn't give up on his goal, to learn to walk. If a small child who has little understanding of things and who does not understand what it is to achieve something, persists till he can walk, surely we can master things, if we make up our minds to.

    I can be inspired by something I eat at a restaurant and try to replicate the dish at home. A beautiful sunset could inspire me to paint it. Somebody's charitable work could inspire me to give to society.

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    The thread question is - Who is your inspiration in life? The answer cannot be anything other than a human being. Appreciation should not become inspiration. Wondering something should not become inspiration. So let us talk about only human beings who inspired us in our life.

    To me, my father is my inspiration in my life. While I was a child, he used to teach me lot. I still remember his teachings and preaching from Ramayana, Mahabharatha and many other books to me. One important thing that he taught me is "Thirudathe, Poi sollathe, Pitchai edukaathe"( Don't steal, Don't tell lie, Don't beg) I really follow them in true sense. Even I don't borrow and take loan. While I was in VIIIth standard from a non Hindi speaking state (TN), he asked me to learn Hindi and sent me to attend Hindi classes. As a Gandhian, and a patriot, he made me to wear Gandhi cap and go to school. Much more to add.

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    I think for most people it is the parents who are the ones inspiring them. My Dad, no matter how busy he was or how tired he was after a long day at work, he was always there for us. He was there to take us for a rehearsal for a school function, for reaching us to the sports stadium for the school's annual sports meet and picking us up later, would rush if we fell and got hurt playing around the house, etc and on days when he could take time out for himself, instead would take us out for a memorable outing. My mother was there for us too when Dad was unable to pick us up from school or a school programme at an auditorium which was located elsewhere. Our lunch 'dabbas' also were dropped off at mid-day by my mother coming to school in a local bus if Dad could not do so, then she would go home and come all the way back in the evening to pick us up. Our uniforms were always ready in the mornings, our snacks box for school ready on the table, an evening snack ready for us on returning home. I'm sure many of you must have had these same experiences. In later years when her health often got a knock, my mother simply put on a brave face, just accepting that what it was had to be dealt with. Even in her last moments of a serious illness she was joking with the doctors! I think I've got a streak of resilience from her. From my parents I've learned so many values - honesty, kindness, a caring attitude, punctuality, good manners - and so many other things in general, such as saving money and not spending needlessly on frivolous things, that it is difficult to encompass them in this box here.
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