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    Does the new generation remember the sacrifices of older generation?

    One of my maternal uncles used to say that life is like a relay race. The previous generation runs a race and hands over the baton to the new generation. Then the new generation starts running. But the race never ends. The family progresses from generation to generation. Similarly, civilization progresses from generation to generation.

    My father always thinks that it is the duty of older generation to prepare the new generation to face the challenges of life with confidence. The old generation sacrifices a lot to give proper education (not only academic education) and values to face the challenges of life. The sacrifices of the older generation to prepare the new generation cannot be described in the limited space.

    But the moot question is – Does the new generation remember or understand the sacrifices of older generation? If the new generation does not, the future of the future generations will be very bleak.

    (I planned to post a thread on similar lines for the last TOW contest, but could not due to my pre-occupations. So, I have raised this thread now.)
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    Yes, it is true that the people of the older generation not only gave sacrifices but also they worked hard for the sake of their next generation. So that they get a better future and they (new generation) should not face the difficulties that they (older generation) had encountered in their life.
    Today life is changing at a faster pace, and so are the people. India is the land of traditions and cultures, but nowadays though few follow some of these traditions and cultures, it hardly bothers to the new generation. With the introduction of western culture, today's new generation people have become highly modern in all aspects. In fact, today's new generation rarely bother about the sacrifices of the older generation. The real truth is these new generations have no respect for the older generation people. And it is evident that majority of the new generation people are leaving their parents in old age homes.
    I am not against the modern culture. The only issue with the new generation is that they are not respecting their seniors. There are very few new generation people who are having respect for their older generation even in today's modern era.

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    I agree with the author that the new generation are taking light of old generation and in fact feel that old generation people are hindrance to their progress and seldom follow their advises and suggestions. There is a saying in Tamil, that as long as old persons live in a house, the young ones are guided with right approach to life and that gives good confidence and their achievement in every walk of life is assured. That means the elders would pass their valuable experience and advise to the young ones in most systematic matter. Without elders, some homes have gone berserk without proper advise.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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