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    Is exaggerating things necessary?

    In general I have seen many people who exaggerate things while narrating something. Be in something serious they are saying or something funny, they cook up story and tell extra. Some people have the art of talking in a very impressive way and that is the advantage for them. They even exaggerate things in a impressive way being very confident about what they say. Me being a very silent type of girl, won't speak out things that has actually happened and I always wonder how people speak so much and from were will they find so many topics to speak with other extra things. I wonder why should they exaggerate something while talking and what is the use of it.
    Is that just people's nature of is it required to put some extra stuffs to make the topic of discussion interesting?
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    We should not exaggerate things with lies. We can exaggerate a thing or event with truth in an elaborated manner. I have the habit of speaking more that the person hearing me would go to sleep. When I shake them and ask them"Was it boring', they would say," No Sun, it was like hearing a lullaby from you that I felt like sleeping." So my narration of a event with or without exaggeration used to be so pleasing that makes the people go to sleep."
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    Yes. I say yes to the title "Is exaggerating things necessary?". I would like to give few examples here in support of my stand. If you take Radio Jockies and TV anchors, they just need only one line of any kind to run their entire show whether it be of one hour, two hours or three hours, with their exaggeration only show will sustain. Entertainment to the audience and Earning to them. Like wise, we most hear the phrase "cock and bull stories" might have born out of exaggeration only. Exaggeration output would be Earning. Earning of any kind, whether it be wealth, fame, satisfaction, etc. Everyone in their life at least for one time would have been exaggerated at least for selfish things.

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