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    Do you feel the 'Centre' is playing with Tamil Nadu politics?

    By this time, Sashikala would have been the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, had the Governor been flown to Chennai yesterday night or today morning. But it couldn't be. Why? Since the time of AMMA is no more, Centre is trying to intervene the Tamil Nadu wherever the possibility is available. Now also the first citizen of the state (whose roots are from the ruling party of the centre) was trying to get the views of the Law & Justice. Rumors are roaming around that the verdict on the outstanding cases against Sashikala will be finalised within a week as stated by the Hon'ble Supreme Court. What do you say?
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    I think the centre is right, and also the Governor who is the authority to make a person as CM. Ms Sasikala has the support of MLAs but doesn't have the support of the mass. An MLA's will cannot be the view of the voters who elected them. People of Tamilnadu consider that Chinnamma is not a fitting CM. She has made an entry through the back door. People of Tamilnadu doesn't want a corrupt person to be the CM of their state. She has been blamed for the death of Ms Jayalalitha. She had conspired and executed her plan. She has not even permitted the Governor of the state, Central Ministers to have a view of JJ. Even Mr.OPS the home Minister of Tamilnadu and second in command was not allowed to see JJ in the ICU of Apollo Hospital. All the CCTV cameras were removed . Sasikala is the cause to JJs death. Tamilnadu is in dark, and would become darker and darkest if Sasi is made CM.
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    What i feel that Tamil Nadu is orphaned and not having the right leader to lead the state. Though AIADMK is having the MLA's in tact and they are destined to rule the state for another few months, but without formidable leader and failure of Jaya to have the second in command in party has made all this mess for which Center should not be blamed. Please note a voter of Tamil Nadu has voted for Jaya. Then after death, Pannerselvam was made as the stop gap CM, and he is now forced to name Shashikala in place of him. That means one vote is going to see the third CM in few months. This is not liked by TN people and Center has taken the matter seriously. Just because you happen to be the close friend of late Jaya, there cannot be overwhelming support in the party to occupy the high post. So Center is right to seek Constitutional experts and then act.
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    At the moment, it's hard to guess if there is any involvement of Centre pertaining to Governor's delay in returning back to Chennai. If at all there has been any hidden agenda, then I would consider it to be for the state's own welfare as powder pankajam (i meant Mrs. Sasikala) would have assumed office by now. And Mr. Paneerselvam wouldn't have got chance to let those skeletons out of the cupboard. Now, with Governor's arrival to Chennai been delayed or made to delay, it has definitely helped to bring in certain important matters to limelight.



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    The political scenario of the country has come to such a stage where opposition parties start blaming the Central Government in general and the Prime Minister in particular even if any opposition leader catches cold and consequently sneezes.
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    Not sure about Central government hands on the ongoing political uncertainty in TN and time will tell that. Governor role is very important during this kind of situation. TN don't have full time governor for more than 6 months. Why central government didn't appoint full time governor so far and what is the hidden agenda behind that? TN is not a such small state to give it as additional responsibility to others. As per constitution, he can take 'n' number of days to take his decision but my question is why he is not present in Chennai during political uncertainty . He flies to Delhi for marriage and Mumbai to take rest but not Chennai.

    Strange thing is people of TN wants OPS as their CM but elected representatives wants Sasikala as CM. This is the main loophole in our constitution. “Rule by the people” is the meaning for democracy. But where is democracy here?


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    Dissolve and conduct election is the best solution to straighten Tamilnadu Government. There is no true leader in AIADMK. Earlier all MLAs were under the feet of Amma JJ who allowed her MLAs to grow big with money and muscle. Now the same MLAs want to continue with their money and power under the feet of Chinnamma who earned many thousand crores by being close to Ms. Jayalalitha.

    When there is no able leader, it is better for OPS to continue as CM for the party to complete its full term of 5 years.

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    The conduct of the Governor is questionable. He ignored the constitutional obligations in the case of Tamil Nadu in the present situation. Mr O. Panneruselvam resigned as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The AIDMK party elected Mrs Sasikala as their Leader in the Assembly. The Governor is constitutionally bound to invite Mrs Sasikala to form the Government which he did not do. Leaving out any other issues, Mrs Sasikala should have been sworn in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
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    @ Partha,

    Let us have an impartial analysis of the episode as we all belong to other states. How come one can make a revolt against his own party and come down heavily on the party General Secretary without an outside support? Is it not the responsibility of the constitutional authority to be present in a situation of chaos and handle it smoothly? We can't talk about the suspicious role of the 'outsiders' but can't rule out also at the same time.


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    Mr. Patro: In response to your very mature and sensible response, I would like to state two things.
    1. Are the MLAs of Tamilnadu mature representatives of public, or, young school-going children of primary class? BJP has negligible strength in Tamilnadu. Why should those MLAs fall in the so-called trap set by BJP? They may join hands with DMK leaders, but BJP? Isn't the idea far-fetched?

    2. Does anybody have any conclusive proof of Central Government's hand in the present turmoil in Tamilnadu? Is the ego-clash between Ms. Sashikala and Mr. Pannerselvam a creation of Central Government? Was the drama of Pannerselvam at Jaya-Smriti at the instigation of BJP? Is the revolt of Deepa Jayakumar creation of BJP or Central Government?

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