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    Which workout do you adapt in life

    These days we see that there are many forms of workout to be fit. We have yoga, gym, aerobics, zumba, power yoga etc and mostly people go for gym, aerobic and zumba for faster results. They say yoga is the best work out one should indulge in as it is stress free and has no side effects. It will also relax your mind but some people also say that yoga is very slow in providing results. Gym, Aerobics and other forms give results very soon but only for a short term. People often gain more weight once they stop working out this way. Each people have different opinion on different type of workout.
    If you follow a workout routine or if you suggest a workout for someone, which one would you prefer?
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    I am a strict follower of yoga. Performing yoga is not only a workout it involves meditation, devotion towards God and dealing with the supernatural powers. Unlike other workouts, yoga gives you better and faster results, provided you do it daily without giving it a miss. If you are irregular in yoga, then the results will be slower or rather negligible in that case. I would even suggest others to opt for yoga as no other workout can beat it. Yoga not only makes you physically fit and healthy but it makes you mentally strong, improves your focus and concentration.

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    Well as long as your health is fit and energetic without any exercise or yoga you need not worry about unnecessary exercises which has to become a permanent feature in your life. For some looking slim is the God gift from the childhood no matter what ever they eat and no exercise. And I have seen those people are also worried about their health and go for long walking and jogging. If you are doing your daily chores work in time and without laziness, that itself provide ample scope for exercise to our bodies. Previously there were wells at the back yard of every home and getting a bucket full of water from nearly 100 feet deep was the great exercise. Likewise those who were living in village has the habit of having bath at the river or pond away from the village. So that walking was enough to keep the health fit.
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