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    Memory loss and irritation on every issue has become the common feature of youth

    I have been closely watching the behavior of modern youth who are no doubt are well educated and also started earning good. But their progress in life is not benefited either to them nor to other because of their memory loss and irritation behavior even on small issue. And it is not possible to convince them about their wrong, because they think that they are more educated and have the wisdom to understand the life. So much indulgence in cell phones and the social media is deviating their thinking ability and thus they are greatly influenced by wrong stuff in social media.
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    I think internet created that fad of "social justice warrior" mentality which leads to creating irritation on every small thing. The tolerance level of people is really low. Also the people who fall for this are less responsible for their own action. So even if they are earning good, they are not really responsible but just relying on changes happening in society. It's also hard to tell them that this mentality is wrong. Because as they are educated and earning more, it'd hurt their ego. Social media is literally being used as propaganda machine. So for them it's just one meme or linkbait headline that can make them change their mind. They are more likely to believe on whatsapp news that "eating cabbage helps kidney stone, so forward this to all friends" type thinking. This is surely affecting the youth and the above youth generation.

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    I agree with the views presented by K.Mohan sir that Youth today gets irritated at very small issues and have thinking that they are right in their every decision.
    I Think the main reason behind is the preassumption of young people that they are all grown up and are now adults, and adults have full rights over their life and decision.
    This realisation of being mature and adult is not always positive and brings sense of responsiblity sometimes it brings overconfidence and false assumption of being always right.
    I think parents and gurdian should help youths to overcome this feeling of overconfidence on getting elder and make them realise about their responsiblity.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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