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    Do we work for our satisfaction or for getting appreciation from others ?

    Every one works from morning to evening for livelihood, for academic pursuits, for individual hobbies, for emergencies and compulsions in life, for social causes, for career and like that. Some people work in a self centered and selfish ways, they are not bothered with other people or there comments. Others work in a team, they are concerned for the view point and comments of others and take it in a sporting manner. Further, some people are always looking to others for appreciation for there work. If they don't get it they feel the work has gone waste, no one has praised it.
    Do you feel such things in life. What are the views and opinions of members on this. Let us share our view point on this.
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    Most people work to earn a living, to get money to run their homes - meet expenditure, to buy luxury items, to meet uncalled for expenses to save for the future. Most people work because they have to, they have no other choice. There are very few who work because they want to. Just a handful of people are economically sound, yet work to make more money. Their reasons for working/earning may be different. They work to quell boredom or to pass time or to get out of the house or to use their talent etcetera.

    Despite the varying reasons everyone likes being valued and appreciated. It is a human trait we all thrive on praise and recognition. You can see a change in people when you praise them; their countenance and body language improves instantly. Praise and admiration release feel good hormones in us and make us more confident in what we do.

    People might not knowingly look for appreciation, but everyone desires it in their subconscious mind.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    If we work for our own satisfaction surely there can be higher out put, productivity and the work done would be neat and effective. If we work for the others satisfaction, the action taken would be temporary and there is no binding on us. If we get others appreciation we are happy, if we get remarks we are upset. Most of the successful persons have done work for themselves and made themselves the Icon to reckon with. Moreover when we get full satisfaction of having done the work rightly, that induces us to attempt another task with great determination and hope which cannot be measured in words.
    K Mohan
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    Some works we do for earning money.Some works we do for getting satisfaction and some works we do for getting appreciation.Appreciation and encouragement are needed for all of us.Take an example I am new on ISC I need the support of all members.I write for my satisfaction and also for appreciation.When someone appreciate my work I get satisfaction.
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    Everyone work to earn money for their livelihood but work satisfaction is very important. Without satisfaction we cannot sustain for a long in a company and we cannot give our best for the work. Only when we are satisfied with what we do, we give our best and in turn we get appreciation for our peers. If we are not happy with work, we do it for name sake without giving our best and learning things, this will disappoint our colleagues and professional growth will be difficult which inturn will lead to improper increment of salary or no incremental at all. Though we work for salary satisfaction is must in what we do.

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