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    A democrat or dictator – Who would be successful?

    We come across so many instances in our life which may happen to us or in our surroundings. The words democracy or dictatorship not only confined to politics but coherently related to our personal and official business also. We may intend to resolve issues with a positive approach by trying to convince the others or evolving a consensus resolution which can be termed as a democratic approach. It may not work out properly as different voices may rise or different opinions may be put forth. On the other hand, those who are determined to influence their voice won't hear to anybody or discuss with others and implement their mandate at the risk of their popularity. Yet, it looks like they are successful.

    What is your take on this?
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    The definition of 'success' is required to be elaborated. If we assume that 'success' means providing better administration and development of the country, it does not depend upon democracy or dictatorship. Good administration depends upon administrative acumen, proper planning, implementation availability of good advisors, etc. Let me give an example. In our neighbouring country Pakistan, Field Marshal Ayub Khan (a dictator) was admistratively more successful that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (a democrat).
    Same is applicable at personal level also.

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    The democrat and the dictator are the two extreme words which has its own meaning and importance and the history was the witness to it. By democratic we mean elected by the people or liked by the people. With wholesome of support of the people a democrat can come to power and visualize his dreams of promises made to the people. By dictator we mean autocratic authority. That means the rules and regulations are made by a person which applies to others and not to him. By asserting a dictator way some of the persons in history does got lots of rejections than acceptance. So the best way to gain respect is to get elected through people choice.
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    The democratic approch is always better compare to dictatorship. The democratic/ participative/ consultative/ people friendly approch is desired and welcomed by the people/ employees in an organisation.
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