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    No Indian remembers this great adventurist

    Bengal never ceases to surprise us. Whenever we talk about Nadia District of Bengal, we think about Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who was the main force behind the first Bengal Renaissance. Whenever we talk about Nadia, we remember the peaceful and serene environment of the place. But this district has also given birth to one of the greatest Indian globe-trotters. But Alas! We Indians have forgotten the person who was the first Indian to set foot on Brazil and got remarkable respect and recognition in that unknown country for his valour and courage.

    Suresh Biswas was born in a non-descript village of Nadia district in 1861. His childhood was spent fighting with feral cats and other carnivorous animals. This born adventurist left home at an age of 15 and came to Calcutta. He started studying in Calcutta but could not concentrate. For a few months he worked in the Spence's Hotel in Calcutta, but got bored and went to Burma, working as a cabin boy of a ship. In Burma he saved a young lady when her room caught fire. When his marriage was almost finalized with the Burmese lady, Suresh again left Burma and after many adventures, ultimately reached London. At that time, he was only 17.

    He worked as a labour in the dock area of London. But disgusted with the attitude of local people, he left London and went to Kent. In Kent he joined a circus and started doing shows with the circus animals. He became extremely popular, fell in love with a German girl working in the circus. But when the family of the German girl came to know about their affair, the girl was taken to her fatherland, i.e., Germany. With the circus, young Suresh toured entire Europe and the USA. In the USA he left the circus and went to Brazil, thus becoming the first Indian to set food on Brazil.

    Suresh Biswas was enchanted by the greenery of Brazilian forests. He married the daughter of Brazilian physician and joined Brazilian Army as a Corporal. He rose rapidly through the ranks and his exploits at the battle of Niteroi made him a national hero in Brazil. This great adventurist died comparatively young at an age of 44 in 1905.

    During 1930s, 40s and 50s, Colonel Suresh Biswas was a hero of Bengali youth who were fond of adventures. Gradually, he has been forgotten and today, very few Bengalis or Indians have heard about this brave man.
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    How can we Indians remember a young Bengali guy who left India,reached Burma, worked in Germany, toured in Europe and settled and died in Brazil. Sorry, I don't know him, never heard him.
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    Mr. Sun: People knew about Colonel Suresh Biswas during thrities, forties, fifties and sixties. And that was before the era of internet. I heard about him in my childhood. If any person wants to know, he/she would be able to know.
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