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Winners of the very first topic-based TOW of 2017 have been announced - with a wonderful new addition!
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    Winner of Topic for TOW contest - New/Anew - a small new surprize!

    We received 15 entries (let's see some more enthusiastic participation please!) for the Topic based TOW contest for the week 29th January-4th February 2017. Some of the entries had overlapping thoughts and winners have been selected based on their uniqueness.

    There are 2 joint winners this time as it was difficult to select just one! They are:
    1. AR for a most unusual poem and
    Gagan Ahari for selecting a simple everyday object and presenting it so well based on the theme

    Special prize winners are:
    1. Gsadhiks for the thought-provoking thread on welcoming a girl child

    2. Suhasini for talking about a very simple but heart-warming experience of a mother
    [please note for future reference: avoid emoticons in title and text]

    3. Venkiteswaran for presenting the topic from nature's viewpoint

    4. K Mohan for an interesting thread on treatment meted out to new employees

    And what's the "surprize"? The cash awards have been hiked! So the winners will get Rs.60/- (raised from the earlier Rs.50) and the awardees of the special prizes will get Rs.40/- (raised from the earlier Rs. 30). Grand new way to begin the New Year isn't it?!

    Congratulations to all the awardees! Other participants will also get enhanced points and cc for their entries.
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    My hearty congrats to all the New winners. Well done friends. Keep up your new writings.
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    So many winners mean that everyone has put an extraordinary competition to each other, Well done, My heartiest congratulations to every winner.
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    Best wishes and congrats to AR and Gagan Ahari for having jointly won the Tow contest on new /anew and that was fantastic decision. My appreciation also goes to special prize winners Gsadhiks, Suhasini, Venkiteshwarn and I also thank ISC for selecting my entry also for the special prize. Good going. If such type of interesting topics are given in future too there would be good participation among the members.
    K Mohan
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    Congratulations to Ms. ar and Mr. gagan ahari, the joint winners of TOW awards. Appreciations to Ms. gsadhiks, Ms. Suhasini, Mr. Venkiteswaran and Mr. Mohan, the special prize-winners. All the threads are very thought-provoking and creative.
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    My hearty congratulations to Ar and Gagan ahari, the joint winners of TOW awards. Also congratulations to special prize winners gsadhiks, Suhasini, Venkiteswaran and Mohan

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    My hearty congratulations to my cowinner-Mr Gagan ahari and special prize winners gsadhiks, Suhasini, Venkiteswaran and K Mohan.
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    Hearty congratulations to the winners of the TOW - new/anew - AR and Gagan Ahari. And at the same time congrats to the special prize winners gsadhiks, suhasini, venkiteswaran and Mohan. Surprising news of increase in the cash awards for both winners and special prize winners is really new year bash. ISC is encouraging the members by increasing the quantum of amount, is appreciable.

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    Congratulation to all the winners for the contest and the special prize winner.
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    Congratulations to all the winners and special prize winners.

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    Hearty congratulations to the winners ar and Gagan Ahari and also to the special prize winners gsadhiks, Suhasini, Venkiteswaran sir and K. Mohan!

    The cash rewards and points have been credited.

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    Hearty congrats to all the winners! and what a wonderful surprise too. ISC just keeps on making things good.


    Lets all try to create a better tomorrow for India.

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    Other than entries of the winners, points and cc have been credited for the other participants' threads. Please let us know if any got missed out by mistake. The main prize awards have been credited to the winners' profile accounts.
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    Congratulations to Ms. Ar and Mr. Gagan Ahari, the joint winners of TOW awards. Appreciations to Ms. Gsadhiks, Ms. Suhasini, Mr. Venkiteswaran and Mr. Mohan, the special prize-winning.
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