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    Who is the actress who replaced the great Helen of Hindi Cinema?

    Helen was a great actress of Hindi cinema. She acted in many regional films too. An excellent dancer who stole the heart of every Indian. She was a famous actress who lived in the heart of every film lover. Now she is retired and resting at home.

    As I lost touch with Hindi Cinema, I don't know who are the actresses who have replaced Helen's position.

    Is there anyone? Let us know.
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    I beg to differ. Helen was not an actress. Although in some films, she acted as vamp, but generally she used to appear in single dance sequence and then disappear from the scene. Members may remember Helen in 'Sholay'. She appeared in the famous dance with famous song 'Mehbooba-Mehbooba'. So, there is no question of replacing her. Many actresses appeared in similar roles regularly. Later Malaika Arora (remember 'Chhaiya-Chhaiya'), Sonali Bendre (remember 'Humma-Humma') and Sunny Leone (remember 'Baby Doll') appeared in similar dance sequences.
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    Mr. Partha have given the name but while comparing to the legacy of helen I will vote for the Sunny Leone. She is getting most of the item songs assigned now a days in Hindi cinema. She is leading in this genre. Others are also getting the item songs but leader is Sunny Leone after that Milaika Arora is my second choice.
    The thread you have created is interesting.

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    I don't think any actress has taken birth to replace Helen the great. One should watch the film CARAVAN and the dance of Helen for the song 'Piya Tu Ab To Aa Jaa, ,Monica O' My Darling') sung by Asha Bhosle and music by RD Burman. If you haven't watched, watch it and come back to this thread. Else quote the dances of recent days dancers like Helen. I don't think Milaika Arora or Sunny Leone or anybody can match her, and I am sure that there is none to match the great dancer Helen from the present Hindi Cinema.

    If there is one, just quote the film and the song to compare her with Helen.

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    Mr. Sun: I have mentioned three actresses along with their famous dance numbers. These three songs and dance sequences are also very famous. Just watch these three on Youtube channel. Reserve your final comments till such time.
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    True. I watched the actresses you quoted. It is too much of Sunny Leone to expose her body. I agree that there are actresses to replace Helen, but not the Helen who had reigned the past Hindi cinema.

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    Peculiar! I deleted the duplicate response. Now I see that both the responses have been deleted. And the point has not been added to the score-board!

    Coming back to the main issue under discussion, I would like to state that many actresses perform in item numbers like Helen.

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    I have restored response #590301 - since it was a duplicate of your previous response, I had deleted it. Much later you seem to have removed the text of the first response. Chaos!

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    There was Bindu too, who was actually a contemporary.

    If we speak of acting prowess, Helen's talent was limited to cabaret sequences. She was good and perhaps the best dancer Indian cinema has had. I recall an interview where she mentioned that there were no choreographers when she started her film career. Directors would give her a free rein and let her do what she wanted, to the extent of designing her own costumes too.

    She had an anglicised accent that limited the choice of roles that she could portray.

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