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    Keeping touch with relations is essential for present day trend

    Many of us interested to have a secular family and they do not want to mingle with others except their own spouse and children. They train their children also in the same manner. It is one way seems to be alright as to avoid burden but the creation of handicap in the needy hour is inevitable. A neighbor of our house consists only three members,husband wife and a boy of seven years old. We heard that they secluded themselves from their family members as to load their responsibilities and the husband of the family do not want to collect people in the house. One day the husband met with some accident and died on the spot. It is very pity to see the crying and helplessness of the wife and innocent boy. As no contact number is available with them about their relatives, though we were ready to help them. Lastly, we, our house persons deeply interrogate their native place etc., and find their family members address and informed them. But to the sad, they refused to come for their rescue as the person did not respect them on any account even as a friend. Then on our insistence they agreed and take the family with them after the final rites to join with the parents of the lady.
    This is a small incident but through this we should learn about the consequence if we wish to live is secular type. To some extent only friends and neighbors can help but the relatives are more important as the relations are not created by us but created by God or Supreme Power for our aid.
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    That has what life has come to. I suspect there must be more to it than meets the eye. Many a time, friends, neighbours and colleagues do not know the problems that other families face.

    There are cases where siblings have cut off all relations with each other over property. Some people are very clever, (actually, cunning is the right term for them), they poison the minds of old parents against the other brother's and sister's and get the entire property transferred on their name. I have seen this happen.

    When someone dies people should put their differences aside and come together to ease the burden of those left behind. The family of your deceased neighbour should have come to the help of the family after his demise. Their unwillingness to come shows the animosity was a lot more. It is also true that people these days are so busy amassing wealth and involved with their own families that they ignore relationships. It is very frightening times that we live in.

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    Very sorry to note the contents in this post submitted by the author and it is the fact that out of ego problems and other issues we keep away relatives and when the need comes they wont come as we have not treated them. One need not go and behave daily with relatives but having casual talk over phone and visiting at least in functions and exchanging pleasantries would be better to have some ties. If we totally ignore the relatives then our children will also go in the same path. Hatredness must be removed and bonding must be developed even with relatives no matter how worst they are.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very necessary thread fromMr. Pattabiraman. People are becoming more and more self-centred. They don't maintain relationship with near and dear ones. As a result, such unfortunate problem arises.
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    Maintaining the relationship with family and friends is very necessary. Though we don't see joint family everywhere, being in touch wid relatives is required. Out of ego or privacy we may stay far and keep everyone away but at times, relatives are the one's whom we need a lot in that particular time. There is nothing we lose if we invite them for our place once in a while or go over to their place. This way they will also feel happy. More than wanting them during our difficult times, even we will have a social life and can do many things.

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    Our relations are our roots.These have essence of our culture.It is necessary to maintain those.By maintaining them we get satisfaction .It is the cause , that we celebrate festivals and different ceremonies with them.Their presence make us happy.
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    Today's generation has actually forgot the importance of relationships except for few. They have become so selfish that they only look after themselves. They have no time to take care of their family, and it is because of this that such dreadful incidents occur as mentioned by the author. Our family should be our priority and later comes friends and neighbors. But nowadays, friends and neighbors are more than a family apart from their family. Unfortunately, very fewer people understand even what is written here, for they will merely laugh at such a statement. And that is really a very sad thing indeed!

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