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    Jokes of the day to enjoy

    Man 1: Why you are running to the dentist with your mobile, what happened to whom?
    Man 2: Blue tooth of my phone is not working!
    Man 1: ?????
    Police officer: I told you that tomorrow morning by 5 o clock, you will be hanged, but you are laughting, what happened to you?
    Prisinor: Ha, Ha, sir, I used to get up only by eight o clock in the morning!
    Lady1:My husband used to say that I am his world.
    Lady 2:Oh!that is why he is always asks when this world get ruined!
    Husband 1:My wife is very strict as she will give coffee only after cleaning of my teeth in the morning.
    Husband 2:My wife is so strict, she will show coffee only after cleaning the vessels.
    Manager:(to a clerk)Why are you late to the office?
    clerk: sorry sir, I just slept in the morning
    Manager:what is the hurry before coming to this office?
    Mala:why you are telling your husband as good night when he is proceeding to office in the
    Leela: He is going to the office only to sleep,you know.
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    Good Pattabhi. By your good jokes, you made me laugh. Let us have laughing days at ISC today and everyday, and forever forever and forever.
    No life without Sun

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