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    Avoid too much restrictions about the roots

    In earlier days, the usage of roots such potato, sweet potato, etc., was wide enough to give strength to our health. Our people also used them at frequent intervals and not daily routine. But nowadays as many diabetic patients are prevailing and many doctors also advising them not to use the roots in their daily food but my view is it is not wrong if we use the roots in our daily food at some intervals as the same were having a good volume of benefits.

    we can see some of them here below:
    As the contents of starch in this, it helps to remove the swelling of tubes in the liver, it removes the poisonous liquid stored in the liver. The carbohydrate content in this will maintain the heat of the body.

    b.Karunaikkizhangu or Yam:
    Kapha, piles, arthrities are cured by usage of root in our food by preparing curry with small quantity of tamarind.
    It removes unwanted fat in the body, it cures constipation, controls sugar level and blood pressure level.
    It cures throat infection, increase appetite, removes urinary stones. (In our family my mother used to feed the juice of tender radish to the small children till their 4 years as it removes the kapha well)

    carrot enriched with vitamin A,K,B1,B2,B6,BIOTIN, POTASSIUM AND THIAMINE and it will prevent cancer development in breasts, liver and night blindness.

    It helps us to remove kapha, indigestion very well.

    Taking the above roots atleast once in a week and the ginger daily is good to our health
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    It is the general advise of doctors to the patients suffering from diseases that should avoid using roots such as potato, Yam, beetroot , carrot etc. But most of the tasty items are made from the above items and therefore it is impossible to have total restrictions on root vegetables. If we avoid the same at home , they are very much available in the hotel menu or in the menu of great functions held now and then. Therefore if any one says that he strictly following the instructions of doctors means that is fooling statement. Our body needs such roots vegetable too and we must enjoy the same now and then.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The benifits of the vegetables produced under the roots of the soils are of immense values such as Potatoes help our body to offer energy and help in maintaining the body - temperature. Carrots contain Vitamin A, VitaminB and C apart from valuable minerals such as Potassium but there is one apprehension that the pesticide with which such products are littered can pose threat to our health. How irony is that the elements engaged in such activities ignore the human- health which deserves the top most priority.

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