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    Create A Laughing Session

    It is said that laughing is one of the best medicine in life for all. In yoga, it is strictly said that laughing out loud will release your tension, help in maintaining your blood pressure levels and most importantly it will save you from heart attacks. It is that medicine which cannot be bought, but it should come from within. So you can share anything here that will make everyone laugh.
    Kindly note that to create laughter no one should use a slang language or any indecent words out here.
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    There are different ways to get a laughter from a person. Some times on seeing the very odd face of a person we get into laughter mode and I give credit to Vadivelu the comedian of Tamil cinema in this regard. Some people indulge in selective words to bring in laughter. Some people compare the present situation with that of nature or animals to bring in laughter. But the best way to sustain the opposite person in laughter mode is to keep on trying new things to arrest the presence of listening persons. By inducing laughter we are charging up the entire people present there.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An excellent thread raised by the author.
    Let me try and make you laugh. This is an old joke. Of course it is a joke related to a particular sect of north India. I don't want to say it in public. Understand that these people hide their head. Once a guy with a donkey in the market challenged the people that if anyone makes the donkey to shake its head by saying something would be awarded with Rs. 1000/-. All including ladies and children tried and failed. Finally one guy from the above group went close to the donkey's ear and whispered something, and the donkey shook its head many times. The owner of the donkey wondered and awarded him Rs. 1000/-. Then the donkey owner asked him,"Excuse me Sir, May I know what you whispered in the ears of the donkey." The guy said," Oh Nothing great. I simply asked whether the donkey would like to take birth like me in its next birth. The donkey said NO by shaking its head, That's all."

    Members, Did you understand this joke and laughed.

    No life without Sun

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    Sun - Yes indeed, it brought in a chuckle.

    Whenever am looking for some dosage of laughter, my mind always looks for Rajnikanth's jokes. Am sharing few, which really made me roll out on the floor laughing. Hope you will all like it too.

    1. Rajnikanth can strangle a man using cordless phone.
    2. Rajnikanth can slam a revolving door.
    3. Ever wondered where went the missing piece of fruit in Apple logo? Yes, it was gulped by Rajnikanth.
    4. Once when Rajnikanth was touring Switzerland in parachute, his wallet accidentally slipped onto a place which is now knows an 'Swiss bank'.
    5. Rajnikanth once kicked a man hard and he is the first person to land on the moon.
    6. Rajnikanth can give Anacin a headache.
    7. Rajnikanth added Facebook as his friend.
    8. Rajnikanth can finish Mario brothers without using Jump button.
    9. When Grahambell invented telephone, he found two missed calls from Rajnikanth.


    "Stay Hungry, Stay foolish".

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