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    How to keep our eyes safe and clean.

    Can someone suggest how to keep our eyes clean. by wearing eyeglasses my eyeglass number will be reduce or not.
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    Keeping our eyes with clear vision is the important task before us and that must be done on par with daily exercise. First of all wash the eyes with the Gulab Jal or rose water. If you wash the eyes with normal water the dust particles wont go from the eyes. By using rose water the eyes get refreshingly young and the vision would be clean and clear. Sit for at least 10 minutes daily calmly and rotate the eyes all over. From down to up and circling in clockwise and anti clock wise. By doing so you are giving a gentle exercise to the eyes so that our vision would remain in tact. And stop wearing eye glass as fashion statement which affects our eyes very much. I have seen some people wear white class for dust purpose over and above the helmet glass. That means eyes are put into lots of strain through two glasses which are not tested nor suited to eyes.
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    As said above by K Mohan Sir I do not agree with one of your statement that-- "normal water does not clean the dust particles from the eyes." No sir, for me it is not true because natural water is much good for cleaning your eyes and your eyes do get cleaned as I do it on a daily basis. Gulab Jal or rose water is also a good option, but nowadays even they are not good as it contains some chemicals which can harm your eyes. Anyways that is up to the people what they want to use. My job was, to tell the truth, and I did that. This was about the cleanliness part.
    Now coming to the safety of eyes, do not use spectacles unless you are asked to do so by an eye specialist. But if you have spectacles then wear it regularly. If you are irregular at it, then the number of your spectacles will increase gradually. While watch tv, sitting on PC or playing video games, please maintain a certain safety distance for your eyes. Also, avoid studying or doing any work under a dim light as it can increase stress on your eyes. Wear a helmet when you go out as it will protect your eyes from the dust particles entering it thereby protecting your eyes from infection.
    If you follow this strictly your eyes will remain safe and healthy. Intake of fruits like apple and papaya and fruits containing vitamin A are good for your eyesight. You can also add "Seven Seas Seacod" in your diet which is a cod liver oil capsule good for your eyes. I am too taking these things in my daily diet and so suggesting you too. I hope this finds you helpful.

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    Eyes are designed to clean themselves. You do not need to clean them. You can splash some fresh, clean if something gets into your eyes. Rose water as suggested by Mohan is usually used to cool the eyes and remove the strain. Cotton balls soaked in rosewater can be placed on the eyelids. Cucumber slices can also be used to remove tiredness. Just chill slices of cucumber in the fridge, lie down and place the slices over closed eyes. 10-15 minutes of this therapy gives relief to tired eyes. Do not put anything into your eyes without the doctor's approval.

    If you are using prescription eyeglasses, wear them as recommended by the doctor. Though the power will not improve, it will probably prevent them from worsening.

    There are eye exercises that help improve vision. Some of them are covered in Mohan's response. You can check the internet for specific exercises that can improve vision.

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