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    Which is your favorite dialogue that you liked from the movie Sholay

    The Hindi film 'Sholay' is a great film from Bollywood which is like a Hollywood film. The dialogue in that film is superb, and one better than the other.

    Which is the best dialogue you liked, enjoyed and appreciated?
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    Basanthi: Baag Dhanno Bhag, Aaj teri Basanti ki izzat ka sawal hai.

    Dhanno: (The female horse)(In her mind) Ye Thumhara worry hai. Lekin ye mera bi izzat ka sawal hai. Dekho, Gabbar ka 10 male Ghoda peeche aa rahi hai.

    Veeru: Thumhara naam kya hai, Basanthi?

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    The film is full of dialogue. I like most of them.
    Gabbar: Ye hath muze de de thakur
    Thakur :Nai..

    Itna sannata kyu hai bahi.

    this two dialogue are short but I like it most. It make picture in your mind quickly as heard or think.

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    The famous dialogue that takes place when the Gabbar shoots and ignites the laughter which every one joins and thus become the over joyed moment and suddenly he shoots.
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    The film is full of memorable dialogues. Selim-Javed duo did some remarkable work in this film. Some of these have been mentioned by other Members. I have many favourite dialogues from this film.
    1. Kalia: Main aapka namak khaya, Sardar. Gabbar: Ab goli kha.
    2. Mr. Mohan has mentioned this. Gabbar: Yeh bhi bach gaya, ye bhi. Suddenly he started laughing. Others joined. Even three dacoits who were very relieved, joined the laughter. Suddenly Gabbar shoot to kill those three.
    3. Asrani's famous comments as Jailor have already been mentioned by others.
    4. I am astonished that nobody has mentioned about Viru's 'suicide dialogue'.
    5. Similarly, nobody mentioned Joy's conversation with Basanti's 'mausi' recommening Viru's proposal of marriage.
    6. Soorma Bhopali (Jagdeep)'s dialogue with his neighbours before the arrival of Joy and Viru, and the change of tone immediately when he noticed them, is also worth mentioning.

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