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    Overthinking is the major cause of unhappiness

    Happiness is a kite and human mind is the thread used to fly the kite. If the thread gets collapsed in the middle then the kite will not fly high up in the sky. Similarly if the human minds wander thinking about unwanted things and create a messy thought then the happiness will get affected. Overthinking always kills a person mentally and spoils the happiness.

    Some people overthink about their future and some people worry thinking about the things that have happened in the past. Wasting time, energy and thinking about unwanted things always lead to stress and depression. Negative thoughts and overthinking about the things that have already happened will create new confusions in the mind. Both the future and the past cannot be altered, so it is always better to concentrate in the present by putting a big end to overthinking.

    Thinking too much is a disease. So stop overthinking.

    What are the reasons for overthinking? How to control overthinking?

    Share your opinions.
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    Yes. I do agree with you mam, overthinking is a kind of disease, it has to be controlled by anyone. Many of us certainly come across of such kind of people and getting the jeopardize results. Results of the actions with over thinking would definitely be different than the expected. With over thinking, if any work / action is done, we take or made to take extra concern in the process of that action which spoils the originality in the result. For example: a recently married son-in-law would get more respects from all angles right from his arrival, sitting, entertaining, dining, chatting, bedding, etc. Mother-in-law, who generally cooks fine dishes would certainly spoil at least one of the dishes even it is being cooked daily with her over thinking about the taste of that dish.

    So over thinking is always not good but thinking and planning is always required to get better results of the actions.

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    Nowadays I have been noticing similar articles everywhere. Human being is different from other animals because of his thinking ability. Moreover, man is a social animal. These two aspects force a person to think about the well-being of near and dear ones. We think for the future. When this thinking causes strain, it may be termed as 'over-thinking'. It can't be rectified by simple advice. It is human nature.
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    Yes over thinking is the problem in the modern lifestyle. People hardly getting the time to relax in their busy schedule. I think its due to social media, social site and the chatting application. Pop up message in the mobile continuously bombarding on our mind. The information we getting on media and this platform force our mind to think over the various issue simultaneously it leads to headache. We are are busy in thinking over the trivial issues and loosing our temper, concentration in the work. Forget to give time to the family. It a matrix we have created and we got puzzled in it.
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    Yes I agree with the author that over thinking spoils one's happiness. We should face things as it comes rather than worrying of what happens next or thinking of what has happened in the past. Future is not in our hands so there is no point thinking about it. Similarly, we can't go back and change things that has happened in the past. When things are not in our hands there is no point in over thinking. We need to think on certain things which we can change but unnecessary over thinking will ruin our happiness.

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    Yes I agree with the author that overthinking would only bring bad happenings and nothing would go according to our plan. Our mind tries to weigh pros and cons on various issues that bother us and in that melee we try to forget the reality and harp on something which cannot happen and wont happen. By thinking too much we are going to the extent of being there in another world and that prompts us to make much mistake. Now take the example of Shashikala. She was mere a friend of late CM Jaya and for that matter she cannot have the right of becoming the CM of Tamil Nadu. She failed to understand that by hijacking the MLA's she may have the required strength to prove but if they vote according to their conscience then what will be her fate. Here she has behaved with over thinking and beyond the imagination as the people are real power and that she failed to understand.
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    Over thinking have many reasons and as told by others the society and atmosphere are main reasons but there are scientific and medical reasons that one's brain if affected by anything in their earlier ages too have reason to think over on unnecessary things and getting into imagination and hence started troubling others and themselves too.

    For this one has to accept that they have some small deficiency and comes under the control of medical treatment but mostly this is not possible due to their adamant and hence wont come under the control of treatment.

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    Overthinking is just one of the major reason that leads to unhappiness. What I simply want to say is that if overthinking is the reason for your unhappiness then just stop overthinking. Many other problems lead to depression.

    Reasons for overthinking may be due to lack of self-confidence, by being a constant worrier, second-guessing yourself, because of some fear in your mind you are not able to relax, you are striving hard to achieve things to make yourself a perfectionist, or else for no other reason it has become your habit to overthink.

    Now, on how to overcome overthinking:
    1. Start thinking from a broader perspective.
    2. Take short time limits in decision making.
    3. By becoming a person of action.
    4. Make yourself realize that you cannot control everything in life.
    5. Learn to say "stop" in situations where you cannot think straight.
    6. Stay away from vague fears.
    7. Performing exercises daily.
    8. Spend the maximum time in your present. Do not be too bothered about future.
    9. Just spend your time with people who do not overthink like you.

    I hope this finds helpful for all who keep overthinking.

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