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    Power is something I don't appreciate.

    Power is something we all appreciate is some form of the other but when power becomes a big part of the life then it cannot be considered as a good thing. Many people pursue power in the form of reputed jobs, profession, connections, favours and many other ambitions. The powerful people generally tend to get the illusion of invincibility and under the veil of self supremacy he tends to intimidate people, hurt others and destroy others. For him the biggest love is the love for the power and biggest ambition is the acquisition of power. In the small or bigger scenario power is seen to exploit, be it in the form of beating of younger kid by the elder children, expolitation of a women by his powerful husband, intimidation of a common man by any corrupt and powerful policeman and the list is endless. Power is something we should not aspire to seek intensely.
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    I would like to quote two quotes that we all know - for every action, there is equal and opposite reaction; and every coin has two sides. Similarly, examples given Mr.gagan are one side of the coin only I believe. Power can also be described in two ways: Divine Power and Evil Power. Once we recall the reactions of the Divine Power we have to neglect or we will have to try to repair the source of the Evil Power.

    We all learnt that the GODS whom we worship, may be it is Lord Krishna, Rama, Shiridi Sai, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed, all these were of humans but with their Divine Power only they are being worshiped. In the modern age the great freedom fighters right from Nana Saheb, Tantia Tope, Jhansi Laxmi Bai upto Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhai Patel with their Divine Power only we could know about them.

    Post Independence also, with the Power only powerful leaders like Nehru, Sastry, Indira, PV Narasimha Rao, Vajpayee and now Modi, our country's flag is withholding high on the globe.

    Finally I agree Power would create selfishness, that is for selfish people but who genuinely desires to do justice to their job, Power would be a very handy to get the success.

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    Yes through power one may acquire and good reputation and one may become a bad guy. Here we can cite two examples. Our PM Modi has earned the International reputation for his dare decision on banning old notes and thus for the first time in the world such big risk was taken and he has completed the task with so much opposition on his moves and that all could be possible because the people were behind him which is nothing but power. Now take the example of Donal Trump. He was also elected as President of US. In fact when every one was thinking Hillary would be elected, he was made the President by popular votes. Now there is resentment all over the US for his actions which were promised in the elections. He is right in his move as he got the power, but those who are not voted to him are creating worst problems. So here also power is triumphing against the odds.
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    Power is essential to run the home/ organisation/country. If there is no power/ authority no body will listen to anybody and the order will disrupt. Yes there should not be misuse of power. If someone crosses his limits, redresal mechanism is there, which can be used.
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