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    Have you thought of organ donation?

    Not many people are aware of organ donation. Even if people are aware of it, most of us don't think about it. The are some people who have donated their organs like eyes, heart, kidney and helped other person. If we think of donating our eyes, then that would definitely help a blind person in sight. Every human being will die one day and we can consider doing some good job after our death by donating our organ to bring a smile on someone somewhere. Definitely our soul will also rest in peace for doing a good job.
    What do you feel about organ donation? Would you wish to do it and help a person who still have so much to see in the world?
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    The thought itself is very great. Donating organs is the biggest donation one can think of as it implies that we would be alive even after death through the life of others to whom we have donated our organs. But the problem comes here that our family members wont allow the things to happen. Suppose I agree to donate my organs after death, it must be done within 6 hours of death. In our religion the rituals has to be done the same day and just for the sake of taking out organs, the hospitals would take one day and thus religious procedures to be followed after death would be hampered. That is the reason being so many are having second thoughts. Moreover the person who dies would be either suffering from some chronic disease or heart attack. In that case the donors also wont be interested to have a troubled organ. This is the fact and many have refused to take organs from diseased person.
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    I thought about organ donation when I was in my 10th. And two years back I have registered myself for donating all my organs after my death. I have registered myself online with "ORGAN DONATION INDIA." You can search this on google and click on the link which will take you to and here you can register your decision by filling a form. It is that simple. Donating our organ is an act of God done for a noble cause. It can give lives to many people you can't even imagine of. This is a good thing one can do in his life, and I have registered for it, and I feel happy now. Though after my death my existence would be no more, my organs will never die!
    If you wish to do something good before you die, this is the best thing you can do.

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    I am not in full agreement with organ donation. We may be happy, but the person receiving our organ would be partially happy as they need to pay the hospital a huge sum for transplantation of organ. Only the rich can afford to pay for the organ transplantation. The poor can never dream of it as they can not afford. Many of my relatives who died wanted to have transplantation of organs, but they died as they could not afford to pay the sum demanded by the hospitals.

    Organ transplantation is a rich business for the hospitals.

    So, no poor get benefited by our organ donation. Only the rich lives ...lives and lives..... The poor dies...dies... and dies.

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    I whole-heartedly support organ donation. Among various organs in our body, eye is considered the best organ. So a slogan has been coined in India: "Netradan Mahadan". I have written a story on eye donation, the link of which is given below:-
    Amar Sen's vision remains even after his death

    I am planning to donate my organs, especially my eyes after death. However, I am strongly against organ selling rackets nowadays operating in different parts of the world.

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    That's really a good thing. By donating organs, we are helping someone even after death. People have to take initiative and voluntarily come forward to donate organs.

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    It is time ideal that researchers should find out the suitability of transplanting animal organs into human body. I think the eyes of the goat can be easily transplanted. Everyday, thousands of goats are being killed for their flesh. The eye hospitals should have the facility to store goat eyes and use it to replace human eyes.

    What do you say, members?

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    It is a good thought,but steps should be taken by govt.Maximum people want to donate but they suffer with the fear of process.It takes too much time.The new generation have no time .Some of them don't perform rituals as required.
    Previously death rituals took 10 or 12 days ,now it is performed in 4 or 5 days.If any one decide organ donation he,she should take consent of the family members.

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    A very good thread by the author. Thinking of organ donation is good. Doing an organ donation gets no words for appreciation. Organ donation is one of the activities which should be promoted or motivated by the govt. and its related organisations / agencies irrespective of the competition they have. It should run with divinity.

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    Everyone should think about the organ donation. It's a noble cause. But the dark side comes after it. The black marketing, the rich get benefits of this. This should be stopped. It will be a tribute to all donor but had misused or used for money purpose only.
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    It is a noble thought, but the execution of it can be a problem.

    The window for harvesting organs, after death, is very short. The body has to be transferred to a hospital where the procedure can be carried out successfully. Skilled doctors must be available to harvest the organs. The hospital must be equipped with proper facilities to store and transfer/transport the organs to wherever they are needed. Any delay could result in the deterioration of the organs.

    Not all hospitals are equipped to handle such cases.

    The next of kin must be aware of the organ donation pledge made by the person. There should be no delays due to red tape or police investigations (in the case of accident or suicide).

    I found on the net the following info on time frames within which organs should be harvested:
    • Lungs and heart, within 4 to 6 hours
    • Liver and pancreas within 24 hours
    • Kidneys within 72 hours

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