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    How other platforms are taking the front seat suddenly?

    We many social media to vent our feelings and discussions. If someone who are in social media for the past six to seven years might have noticed among many very few takes viswaroopam and on top. Even some which have started earlier might have even faded away like Orkut etc., and hence even the founder of those would have started afresh and requested the members to shift or rejoin in their other platforms.

    On this line, twitter though started later after many popular media has become top trendy and from small to rich started using the platform and in fact people (others and they themselves too) think great if they have interactions and contacts in the platform.

    What is your feeling?
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    Yes many social medias were at our disposal so far and those which are really user friendly and sustained the wants of the people or its users are the winners here. Face book, Twitter, Whatsap, and even Hyke, But what is interesting is the fact that people are increasingly using the Twitter account which is easily accessible and many Icons are easily connected with Twitter. Now I having a Twitter account and by virtue of I am following PM Modi, I come to know his every posting and my choice , applause or even resentment is registered as the response to his numerous Tweets.
    K Mohan
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    I agree to you but how they feel superior to other netizens.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    It is all marketing. Imagine your company makes someone celebrity as Brand Ambassador. Now next thing would happen is his followers or fans will start joining him. His friends who are also celebrity will join him and so on. All you need to find perfect marketing face. Facebook was not too popular initially , they had to advertise too. But when they come up with new idea which are unbeatable by other parallel platforms people tend to liked it. We follow what we like or sometimes because of others like. If you bring fresh idea or showing things way people want then you will be in front seat with proper marketing.
    One of my friend don't have facebook, twitter etc. but still he is up to date with current world situations. We have to text him or call him to communicate. But still we can not deny dependency on social networking for mind peace.

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    This is the era of technology and research.Technology and research bring many changes .What are popular these days ,those will not in future.People used hike ,but whats app drew the users of hike.The reason was whats app has more features than hike.I read a news about Face Book,It has many draw backs,a company working on it,perhaps we will have new faces of face book.Twitters has many features ,which makes us popular.
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    I think the response by Mr Mohan is a perfect example of why Twitter has become more popular. It has succeeded in its strategy to create a feeling among the users that they are close to celebrities. When an user follows a celebrity, the tweets by that celebrity automatically gets shared and this gives the user a feeling that they are in connect with celebrity and also feels that his tweets are also actually being read and liked by the celebrity. Twitter has succeeded in thus bringing the common man to its fold. Twitter does have advantages but the way they could market themselves by creating a false impression appears to be more relevant to the thread.
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    Personally I prefer Quora over Twitter or Facebook. Quora is basically a question-answer site and a person can post his/her views more fearlessly. Moreover, links can be given in Quora conveniently. So far as Facebook is concerned, people use it to upload photos and to chat with friends. I generally avoid Facebook. I use Twitter to know about various news and opinions of important persons from the fields which attract me.
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