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    A small suggestion on Articles section

    During my journey with ISC for seventeen months, I have found the Forum section is the most colourful section of ISC. Perhaps the Webmasters and the Editors also recognise this fact. So, every week, best Forum posts are awarded. In addition, a ToW competition is organised on the last week of every month on a given topic.

    Although I do not contribute much in Articles section, I regularly read new and old articles in ISC. Some of these articles are really great, thought-provoking, extremely analytical and very useful. These articles and their authors are required to be recognised.

    So, I propose that in every month, ISC administration should declare three best articles and award the authors. This would encourage the Members and consequently Articles section will receive more quality articles.

    Webmasters and the Managing Editor may kindly consider this suggestion. Other Members may kindly furnish their opinion in this regard.
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    Wow nice suggestion coming up from a seasoned author. Yes I am also spell bound to read some good articles which are minutely tabulated and written to the understanding level of every reader and though ISC is giving points and cash credits, there must be best article award initiated every week so that it will have further inducement to write more articles. The response each article gets would be the criteria to decide for the AOW award. Therefore ISC must consider this suggestion with broad mind and initiate the award right from now onward.
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    I think it would be difficult to implement this, in the sense not merely because of the sheer number of articles, but also on what basis it would be acceptable to consider certain articles as the best ones. After all, there is such a vast variety of topics. How can we say, for example, that a finance article is better than one on a tourist attraction? Or one which gives guidance on Google AdSense is better than one on career guidance?

    Judging articles on the basis of the responses, as suggested by K Mohan, is hardly a valid criteria.

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    Mr. Mohan: I have proposed awards for three articles in every month at the initial stage. And I also think that articles cannot be judged on the basis of number of responses.

    Ms. Vandana: ISC administration regularly choses featured articles. How is it being done? I think on the basis of quality. Similarly, three articles from three different categories can easily be chosen every month.

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    The article section also pays cash credits for approved articles. Unlike the forum and other sections where participants get a chance to earn through Adsense clicks, by rotation, the Adsense earning opportunity is available only to the authors in the article section.
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