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    Morning Walk VS Treadmill

    Out of these two ways which one of them is the best or the fastest way to reduce belly fat? And give an adequate justification for the method you have chosen since both are related to walking. You can also mention the pros and cons if they have any. And if you were to suggest someone then which method would you prefer to?
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    I don't know about the fastest way. Both these are good for workout. And none of them seems to be the fastest. you can do treadmil and lose weight quickly. And also gain weight quickly if you stop. Morning walk if kept consistent can reduce weight upto certain extent. And after that threshold, your body needs exhaustive workout for weight loss. So it depends on person to person and also based on metabolism rate. It's not same for all, and definitely not easy for many.

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    I don't know exactly which one is better but I think that Treadmill is better option because I think that outside walking doesn't gives us much heat on our body because of wind which blow outside and the outside temperature cools our body and force it to relax a bit whereas Treadmill is a method which constantly produces lots of heat in our body and thus makes it a better option.
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    I feel morning walk is the best option. When you have fresh air, parks everywhere then why chose thread mill over a normal walk? Ofcourse both are walking only the go for normal walk over threadmill. I absolutely have no idea about which one is better but I have heard that you put on more weight once you stop walking on a thread mill as that is not as natural as a normal walk. It's better to choose a natural way rather than a faster way to reduce weight. A 30-45 minutes morning walk in a fresh air will also give you a sort of relaxation which you cannot get on threadmill as that is a little tiring also. I am making comparison on natural walk and threadmill based onu personal experience.

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    Since you are looking for a quick way to lose belly fat I would recommend the treadmill. In this respect, the treadmill has many advantages over the morning walk, unless of course you walk on a hilly terrain and get to climb inclines.

    Treadmills can be programmed to different settings. You can select inclines and set walking, jog, run speeds. The workout can vary, from simple to tougher to a point where you push yourself. I know you can jog and run in the open too, but on a treadmill, you can make the exercise tougher by increasing the incline.

    Treadmills also monitor your pulse rate and you can regulate your exercise.

    Belly fat is the most difficult to burn. For quick results, you will need to complement the exercise with a fat burning diet regime. If you continue eating what you usually do, you will not find any change. Cut calorie intake as well as burn calories.

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    Surely there are much differences between morning walk and treadmill walk. By undertaking morning walk, we are going out of the house, having a reach with the nature, our legs feel the ground while walking, the morning breeze which is very much essential oxygen for our good health and above all in the guise of walking we also make good friendship and gather views and news about others. But when you undertake walking on the treadmill, you are alone at the work out and that would be certainly boring. By walking you may do some extra mile, but on tread mill there would be cheating yourself and you end up less work outs.
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    Nowadays already many children,people are doing everything inside the house without going outside. sometimes back people telling that the going to temples is waste as we can worship the God in the house itself as the God is inside of us. Family persons take their children once in a way to cinema halls, parks, exhibition etc., People participating festivals with family members and enjoy. Now parents have no time to attend children as their total time went in office. children spent their remaining hours before computer games or mobile phones. The total outing timings went like this for both parents and children. In this gap this treadmill or morning walk added. This will further added to such people from getting pure air of outside.

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    Walking can be practised by all. Those having some health issues and age related problems may not find tread mill suitable for them.

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