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    Do Ghost Or Evil Spirits Really Exist?

    Millions have asked this question, but none of the answers could have been a satisfactory one. It is still one of the biggest controversial topic existing till date in a hope to get an exact answer to it. Some say that if God exists then Ghost too, some say that only God exists and no ghost exists, some say that both of them do not exist! Instead, they say that existence of God is the presence of positive energy while demons are subjected to the presence of negative energies. I hope you all must have heard as well as seen the movie Conjuring. At the end of this film, they say that ghost or evil spirit do exist in real as they have the true stories which are shown in the movie. I have also seen on Discovery channel one of their shows named as Paranormal activities in which they demonstrate the existence of evil spirits. And yes they aren't fake as Discovery Channel tells about the scientifically proven matters. There was also an Indian show named "Fear Files" by the channel "Life Ok." That show also revealed the existence of a ghost in India. Even after all of these evidence some believe, and some do not.

    What is your belief on this topic?
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    Who knows? Although I am extremely fond of ghost stories, fortunately I have not experienced these evil spirits or good ghosts. I have also heard some so-called first-hand account of meeting ghosts from my relatives. I have written some of these stories in different platforms.
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    My personal opinion is that if we consider quantum mechanics. Then ghosts are just another living being like us crossing path with our dimension. So they kind of think we are the ghosts and we think they are the one. And we are basically separated by the perception between two worlds.

    A lot of things from the past are now being ridiculed as non existent. Dinosaurus, dragons, local creatures, mythological characters, etc. The reason being IT revolution demands immediate evidence from our existing assumption. So we tend to think ghosts and evil spirit may not exist. Each to their own. World is gone far too ahead that even ghosts and evil spirit has no place for peaceful coexistence.

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    Mr. Author,
    Kindly Click here to read an interesting ghost story written by me. It is only a small part of my ghost story.

    I might write ghost stories, but I don't believe in the existence of ghost. Ghost is nothing but the fear of a person. Have you ever heard two persons meeting a single ghost at any one time?. No. You might have not. It is only one ghost for one person. Ghost will not be visible to many at any one point. When we are alone, we might sight and fear a ghost, but never in the company of two or more people.

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    Nobody has neither god nor ghost. It is just the perspection a person has. As you said God is related to positive energy while ghost to a negative energy. What I would like to say is good and evil exist in all of us. We relate good to God and evil to ghost. We do good deeds for the fear of God. But we also do bad things with or without our knowledge. We imagine God to exist and try doing good. We perform his puja so that we get peace. None of us have seen God or ghost and both are our imagination. Yet I believe in God and believe that ghosts do not exist. But I like to hear ghost stories and also have fear about ghost .

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