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    Egoist, Egotist or Altruist – Whom would you prefer to be in the present scenario?

    In a nutshell, an egoist is a person who thinks about himself only while an egotist always thinks about others. An altruist is a happy man who thinks about himself and others as well. But in these days of competition elsewhere and struggle for existence, one has to think about himself first and others later. Then he is branded as selfish and we find people very rare who happen to be of altruistic nature. About egotism, some people say that it is a psychological problem where they spend too much time about thinking others.

    These three terms have a different meaning based on the application of the situation. What would be your preference or whom do you consider as better?
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    Egoist - A person who thinks about himself and a selfish guy who uses the words I, me and myself.
    Egotist - A person who boasts his achievement and expects appreciation and cheers from others.
    Altruist - A person who values others and thinks about others feelings, happiness, worries ,and feels himself less important than others.

    So, I would prefer the Altruist as a better person.

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    Seeing the explanation for the tree words, it is natural that we want to be altruists.
    However I feel that somewhere in us there will be a combination of al the three characteristics, with ratio of each characteristic different indifferent in individuals. Many times the characteristics appear as dominant or subtle depending on circumstances and necessity of that particular situation.

    Even a egoist or egotist also will be altruist at some situation. I had seen this in the flood situation in Mumbai in July 2005. All the people on the street were true altruists at that time helping others. Those who never bothered about others till then, and lived on 16 th floor and stepped down only to get into their car also came down on the street and standing on knee deep water distributed coffee, tea and biscuits to those who were travelling wading o the flooded roads.

    So the altruist is always there in us,

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    A majority of humans do not fall into specific categories. There is an egoist and an egotist and an altruist in most of us. There are very few who display behaviours with apposite characteristics, actions or attitudes that can define them as having just one personality trait.

    In the cut-throat environment that we live in it is difficult to survive being altruistic. It is often misconstrued as weakness and people tend to walk over you. Today, everyone one meets in social interactions (by this I mean at work and outside of it), is intelligent and gifted in some way. There is also this drive in them to succeed and that brings out the egoist and the egotist in them. They have to market themselves well, to be able to succeed. So long as they do not trample over others in their attempts to succeed, it is fine to be an egoist or an egotist.

    I think a blend of all three is essential, in today's world.

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    An Altruist in a specified society with his blend of activities, he will be an egotist for the society other than his own. Of course being altruist, he should be a better egoist for himself for his kind of activities. As was said by our valuable members we are all the combination of all three with different scenario.

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    Definitely, I would like to have altruism in our society. But one thought I want to share we the human being generally have all the three characteristic as per the situation. When we have to decide the think for our betterment rather we have to choose for us in the competition market we are an egoist. When we have market our achievement we became egotist and when we are talking or acting in the group(generally) we are an altruist. At last, the basic and the deciding factor should be altruism. It will be better for inclusive growth of the society.
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    Well every one swears or want to be altruist by saying, but when the actual action comes and the time warrants we may either chose the egoist or egotist path. There cannot be denial from this observation of mine.
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