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    Are you a member of any holiday package?

    There are various holiday packages in India like club Mahindra, sterling etc were you have to pay a huge amount to become a member and once you are a member you can avail the number of days that a resort offers you in a year. If you wish, you can even gift the holiday package to someone. Usually they offer 7 days in a year as a holiday excluding food. The package includes only for your stay in the resort. We do not have a membership package and when ever we go for a vacation we book through a known member to us as he hardly uses it.
    Do you think it's good to have a membership or is it good to book a package independently during the travel time? Not everyone takes the advantages of the package they have. Is there any advantage of being a member over not having a membership?
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    Well having a membership in a holiday resort is not every ones cup of cake idea. Now a days there are many means and reasons to spend holidays and not necessarily in those clubs and resorts. What I have found that due to the locations not dear to the users, due to escalating cost and more over there is no presence others in the resort to have some kind of security makes us insecure. And now a days the holiday resorts have earned bad reputation and name and there are every chances that unsocial activities may be be held their without our notice and the police raids are always possible during mid nights much to the malign of normal people. There are some private resorts on the outskirts of Hyderabad where rave parties are held late nights and just a tip of information to police may ignite chaos and that may lead to raids covered by media. This is happening now and then.
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    I know of someone who took such a membership holiday package. On the face of it, such a package looks very good. However, there are downsides to it. For one thing, you do not necessarily get the location you desire at the time you really want it (let's say a hill station resort during summer when you wish to go to a cool place). For another, the package often includes only the room stay. You have to pay a whole lot more towards meals, including breakfast, and use of some of the facilities such as the billiards room, not to mention extra service charges and taxes. Accommodation for children in the same room will also be add-ons. At some places where the resort is, there may not even be any in-house restaurant and you need to go out for all your meals, from breakfast to dinner. Even basic tea or coffee won't be available. So it is always prudent to check out such membership packages to really understand what all is included and what is not. Otherwise it is really a waste of money.

    It is also a waste to go in for such a membership if one is not going to be a frequent traveller, since such memberships have hefty fees of 1 lakh and above.

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    My wife is a member of similar package of Country Club. She became a Member in 2014 paying almost Rs. 1.5 lakh. I have some idea about those packages. You have to visit designated tourist spots at the time of the Club's chosing, not of your own. Furthermore, if the Club has its own resort, then the accommodation is memorable. But the places where the Club doesn't have its own accommodation facility, the Club has tie-up with hotels. Then the stay is not guranteed. There are various other aspects also.
    From my wife's experience which is not very good (not very abd either), I would advise against spending a huge amount of hard-earned money for this purpose.

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