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    When media are reporting that MLA's are hijacked then why TN police not taking any action ?

    The law seems to be lazy in TN. When the students stir on Jallikattu made the Police to use force and vacate them from Marina Beach, now one sect of AIADMK is holding the MLA's as hostage and probably we can term it as hijacked or kidnapped as they are kept aloof from public glare, their cell phones are taken away and they are kept it huddle. When the administration is accepting O Paneerselvam as the CM and even Governor gave the nod then what is preventing the TN police who are keeping quiet and not taking any action on kidnappers ?
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    Everything is under the purview of Court as well as Governor, lay man cannot come to any conclusive ideas.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    There are high ranking police officials who are faithful to Sasikala and her money. Sasikala can buy anything and everything. She has enough money and muscle power to get the people on to her fold. Other than the media, someone else should go to the court and file a case about the abducting or kidnapping or hijacking of the Tamilnadu MLAs and keeping them in captivity.

    Anyway, Governor is taking time to give his decision. By then, the Supreme court verdict will also be out . Instead of counting the head of MLAs, she might count the bars inside the jail. Who knows? God alone knows the person who will become the CM of TN.

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    But the way the governor is taking too much time gives the understanding that BJP is heavily influencing the happenings now and the blessings of top brass is imminent.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    One AIADMK MLA has taken the case to the court, and Madras High court has ordered the police to probe it. It is said that there are 90 MLAs in the captivity in a resort at Mahabalipuram.

    Who is acting behind VKS? Is she acting on her own or tuned by her family members or by any other MLAs of her party? She is being misguided to go in a wrong path to reach the CM's office.

    Anyway, AIADMK is now divided and making easy for DMK to get in with Stalin.

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    Mohan's response is current viral and gist of it is. What ever may be the action, the response of majority of political parties is it is due to BJP or Modi.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Chief Minister O Panneer selvam was disrespected and ill treated during a meeting by the VKS and Mannargudi Mafia at the Poes garden and was compelled and forced to sign his resignaton letter. Many things have happened behind the screen. OPS could not tolerate this but signed under duress. Then he went to Amma's Samadhi, made a complained to dead Amma, took her permission to act against VKS firmly and boldly. And he decided to withdraw his resignation to deal with the situation boldly and strongly.

    Tamilnadu politics is being watched like a cinema now.

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    Police always work as per the instruction of Home Minister. Now the Home Minister of Tamilnadu follows the instruction of the Chief Minister, i.e., Ms. Sasikala. So, how can you expect proper action by the police?
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    As of now there is no CM for TN. Mr OPS is the caretaker CM until the new CM assumes office. Sasikala is yet to become CM. Police should take orders from CM or HM, not from Sasikala. As of now, VKS is only the party head, not the government. It is time high for the Centre to keep the Armed forces to know the facts and deal with the misbehaving politicians and erring police authorities.

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    It is easy to blame this one and that one without knowing the true picture on the ground, merely giving opinions based on news reports. What prevents the MLAs who have allegedly been taken hostage from leaving the premises where they are supposedly kept? Why can't the families of those MLAs come together and take collective action to "rescue" them? They don't need a lawyer either and can represent themselves if they were really bothered about it.
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    Once the governor has come into scene, the law cannot be vitiated by either groups and the governor has the responsibility to tone down the administration.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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