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    How do you see this trend of News Channels?

    After the invent of 24 hours satellite channel and after the 24 hours news channel, the trend of repeating news is trend. But sometime, the same channel would have updated after some time for some news but later, the same channel would again telecast the old news which may lead a big confusion.

    Also another irritation is without any relevance to the news, the video clip/image at the backdrop would be attached with the news.

    What is your take?
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    Let us first of all accept the fact that these 24x7 channels are on the look out for hot news, that is, news that are trending. So, they almost neglect other happenings across the country that may be important but not sufficient to attract the viewers. Since their main aim is to increase the TRP and attract advertisers, they keep on repeating the same news over and again. The news reader will say something and then we will be taken over to a reporter in the location who will again repeat the same thing. They will carry on with this till they get another breaking news. It is no doubt irritating and I think we must listen to just one news during a day and stop watching news after that. A decrease in the TRP rate appears to be the only solution to force these channels to mend their ways.
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    Now a days the news channels are at a cross road as they are not able to compete fully with the growing demand of live telecast practice which has become the necessity for the very survival of the channel. Now for example the present episode of VKS taken the MLA's as hostage and kept at a resort. Though the channels are presuming and having doubts about presence of Members there, they could not enter the premises and shoot the happenings. So they are simply padding the news from various feeds and just showing the visuals of name board of the resort and so on. Moreover every day the news is happening across the world and the news channel cannot copy the visuals of other channels because every one taking precautions to have water mark on the videos and hence cannot be downloaded. So these problems make them to show old clippings and the news told is new.
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    News channels telecast news of importance. They have to telecast the news repeatedly because not everyone may have had time to catch the news. Repetitive news reports can irritate those who are glued to their television sets but think of those who have time to watch the news just once a day – or like to watch it on the move.

    Travellers sitting at the airport or at the railway station can stay abreast with major happening, by watching these channels.

    News remains fresh until something more important and newsworthy happens. Until then channels keep addressing the same issues in different ways.

    Video clips and images could be attached to show viewers what is being reported or the presence of reporters at the scene of the event. News reporting has become more investigative, now. Reporters and journalists no longer report news; they stand to question and judge the participants, especially during political debates. My view is that news anchors should be neutral. They shouldn't interrupt speakers with counter questions and allegations. It has become a tamasha, with no bearing to news.

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