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    How much time do you take to develop and write an article?

    I know this is a funny/silly question. This question is for the Members who regularly write and post articles in ISC. How much time do you take to develop and write an article? As for me, I chose the subject within my areas of interest. As I have different areas of interest, I do not have dearth of ideas. I collect the materials on my areas of interest very easily. But then the problem starts coming. This is due to my procastrinating habit and also due to my grand old laptop. Due to these two factors, even when I start typing an article, it takes more than two days to complete an article. Most of the time, I start typing the article, but do not finish it. The desktop of my laptop contains many unfinished articles.

    I would like to know from other Members how much time do they take to develop the basic structure of an article. And how much time do they take to finally type and upload it?
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    It depends on a number of things. The other day I took close to 3 hours to write a short snippet, of just 60 words. It was a challenge to create a 'scintillating' piece, within the word limit. There are times when I can pen an article in less than an hour, but then I am familiar with the subject matter and my fingers just click away. Some of my responses in the Ask Expert section are over 700 words (the length of an average article). These I could finish within a few minutes because I just needed to transfer what I had in my head to the tips of my fingers.

    The time I take also depends on the type of research required and the quality expected. Some articles require specific formats or style of writing and I could take time understanding these, which affects the total time taken to create the piece.

    On an average, though I can write 4-5, thousand word articles a day. Like you, I procrastinate too – I call it writer's block. I have 7 unfinished articles on my computer which I intend to post on ISC. I have been working on them for weeks now.

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    Content writer should take max 30 minutes to 2-3 hours for one article contain 600 words. If they are writing on same subject for little long time.

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    The above two responses have simply astounded me. Now I realise that I am no match with others! My salute to Ms. Juana and other great content writers.
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    For you writing articles is perhaps a pastime, for me it is a profession. So, therein lies the difference. You write because you want to, I write because I make money doing so. I am sure I will not be able to match your skill and competence at your place of work.

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    There cannot be definite time duration for making a article. It all depends on what topic you have chosen, do you have any ready made points running in the mind, do you have inputs from reliable sources and above all past experiences on the subject should also be mentioned and future notion of the author prediction is also important. So all these ingredients make the article a presentable one and that would be easily approved too. So one can create a article in just one sitting spanning to 15 minutes. One may write a draft and make additions and deletions with proper editing. So the prerogative of the author is must here.
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