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    Pride and arrogance - Will they always go together?

    One should always be humble and polite even after reaching new heights in life and people feel proud of their achievements. We are always alerted like this by our teachers and elders since our childhood. But when it comes into reality, some of the people appear to be arrogant and it sometimes overshadows their glory.

    I would like to recall the quote by John Austin in his famous book 'Pride and Prejudice' - "Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us."

    But those who achieve name and fame appear to be more arrogant which is shown in their actions and reactions. We observe the tendency in popular celebrities in the area of sports, film industry and politics or even some spiritual gurus.

    Do you think that pride and arrogance go together always?
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    Fame comes from the position one is in. It could be self-earned or bestowed on a person. It often gives birth to a sense of power. And when this power goes to the head, it makes people arrogant. They begin to think that they are infallible.

    If you have ever had an audience applaud for you, you will know what a heady feeling that is. You are suddenly put on a pedestal with people looking up to you.

    With celebrities, this becomes a regular affair. They are surrounded by so much praise and adulation that they begin to feel different. They then start to alienate themselves from others, because in their minds they become superior to everybody else. The awe and the fan following continues. They surround themselves with people who constantly feed their ego. All this eventually leads to arrogance.

    Then there are those who are selected over others and appointed to a position of responsibility. They might not be the best choice; there could be others, in the organisation, way better than them, but this elevation gives them a swollen head, which is the first step to arrogance.

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    Yes I also feel that pride and arrogance go side by side and they cannot be separated. Due to ego part even the pride which was set aside keeping in view the long standing relations, suddenly it get center stage and thus the whole atmosphere gets vitiated and arrogance takes place. The things which are unfolding in Chennai in recent days are the best example of pride and arrogance. While one side is safeguarding the pride of the party, the other side is taking the advantage of earlier pride it had and now displaying the arrogance in open glare but that kind of attitude wont liked.
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    There is a very thin line between pride and arrogance. A proud man never understands when he crosses the thin line.
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    In general, though Pride and Arrogance lookalike in their meaning and understanding, we use Pride in positive manner whereas Arrogance in negative. I would say that arrogance may arise out of pride whereas pride will not arise out of arrogance. I may not fully agree with the author that the people who are pride may not show arrogance as they know the value of the pride and how they have achieved it. The politicians may not cover under the pride as their victory or achievement is not of their own but the other factors are also on the cards of their victory. Those who do not achieve the pride through their ownness or pride of being bestowed may fall under the shade of arrogance.

    We have so many leaders for whom we feel proud because of their pride and they will be remembered forever in the history whereas the leaders travelling alongwith arrogance would be remembered as long as their leadership exists. I, say, therefore, Pride and Arrogance do not follow together.

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    Pride and arrogance don't always go together. I don't think we can generalize it in the sense of applying it to one and all. A person who always has ingrained humility will not let pride, whether in doing a small task or in achieving something major, make him/her arrogant. It will just give him/her a sense of quiet satisfaction that it was done well with a feeling of fulfillment like when one achieves a specific goal. If the work is appreciated and rewarded too, then also arrogance will not necessarily creep in. It would just likely be happiness and sheer joy. Even in the case of celebrities, it is not true that all of them are like that.
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