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    What will you do in this grave situation?

    Situation: You are possessing a legally constructed beautiful bungalow in a posh area of your city. One day, one ruling party politician approaches you and asks you to sell your bungalow to him at a most cheaper rate. You told him that you have no intention to sell the bungalow and refused to accept his demand. The next day, some rowdies comes to your bungalow and threatens you with dire consequences if you don't sell your bungalow to the politician. Also, you receive threatening calls from unknown numbers.

    What will you do? Will you sell your bungalow to the politician?

    @Update: Word roudies has been corrected as rowdies. I Regret for the typo.
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    I would file a police complaint. Since I own a large house in a posh area, I would be likely having CCTV cameras which would grab the action of the rowdies (note the correct spelling). I would use the video as proof of the threat and ensure I have copies of it safely stored somewhere. I would also file a restraining order in the Court to ensure that no visits or threatening calls are repeated. If necessary, I would request for police protection. I would let lots of people know about the threat too so that others are aware.
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    Presume you are only a thorough gentle and decent business woman. You have no political influence and no other politician will to come to your rescue. There is no CCTV, or the CCTV fitted is not working. The police authorities side the politician and are not ready to accept your complaint. And no lawyer is ready to take your case to the court. Because the politician is an ex Minister. What will you do?

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    One does not need a lawyer. One can do the needful oneself. There may also be NGOs who assist women in difficulties, including the scenario mentioned. One has to find a way around a hurdle, not necessarily need to jump over it. If one seriously applies one's mind and makes self-effort to face a challenge, then nothing can stop you. Somewhere, some time, one needs to take a stand and be bold enough to take on those who try to pull you down. "Ifs" and "Buts" in life cannot be allowed to rule the roost indefinitely.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    The simplest way to handle such situation is to inform multiple authorities. The first one is to immediately inform is the local opposition party leader. They will jump into the bandwagon and start agitating against the politician who is creating the problem. At the same time, the matter must be reported to police, other politicians and also to the newspapers. Last but not the least, social media must be utilised to counter such threat.
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    In India every one is eligible to purchase and own a property anywhere in the country except Jammu and Kashmir and the central government gave right in this regard. A property has been purchased by duly paying the stamp duty to the government , there is no illegal transaction done and the politicians cannot prevail upon and ask to part with property at a pittance. In that case the aggrieved person has the right to complain to the police on over excessive by the ruling party members. One can even approach the Human rights commission and seek the protection for life and property.
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    Sell the bungalow to that politician and get whatever they offer is only option if we need a peaceful / painless life. No use of asking police protection since they are the ruling party and police will act based on their instruction only.

    Fight against politicians will work only in cinema and not in real life. Theoretically easy to say like I will go to police / court. But practically it is not possible in India.


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    Sun, the situation you narrated has happened to many people across the country. I had read many such reports. It is only when the incident is brought out by media or social media that we come to know of it.
    The other day a well know person in Tamil movie field wrote about his own bad experience and how he had to surrender to the pressures of politically highly connected person in Tamil Nadu.
    Such complaints were in numerous in Tamil Nadu during the first rule period of Jayalalitha. It was a common talk then that Jayalalitha-Sasikala power caucus ha bought all land in Tamil Nadu, by pressure and muscle power, whole of Tamil Nadu except the Marina beach. The person I referred above also narrated his experience during that period. I read the matter in an online new portal.

    I am sure it is not just in TN such things happen. It may be everywhere. Ordinary people are helpless against the combined might of politician-goonda nexus. Even upright police officials also become victims and suffer, as per various incidents reported .

    In some cases judicial intervention could save the situation otherwise one ha to pray God that let such things not happen.

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