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    Do you chide the slow motorist in front of you or wait for the proper time to navigate ?

    Driving in big metros have become a more nightmare experience and especially in crowded metros like Hyderabad and other places it is worst. Every place in the city is agog with full traffic and we have to leave the home early to give time to have slow drive as the traffic moves in snail pace. Some times the slow learner vehicles also create a drama in front of our vehicle and that would certainly test our patience. Do you chide the slow moving vehicle owner, or wait for the side being given by him patiently and then move ?
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    I do not 'chide' slow motorists, but look for an opportune moment to overtake their vehicle. It is best to stay calm while driving. Displaying anger on the road is not going to help us in any way. Shouting at another motorist amounts to road rage. Doing so also takes our attention off the road because we become immersed in venting our anger at someone who is in the middle of an important lesson.
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    I hardly drive the vehicle but I comfortably sit when someone is driving. The traffic in Bangalore is worse and is getting worse day by day and we definitely lose our patience because of the traffic. Even to travel for a distance of 6-10 KMS it takes more than 45 minutes and spending more time in traffic everyday is frustrating. Because of this we lose our patience. Though I don't ride the vehicle I lose my calm but still I sit quiet and my husband will definitely get into argument with others on road. He fights or scolds one or the other person almost everyday because everyone will be in hurry to reach the destination out of which they might jump the signal or drive rash and this irritated other drivers on road.

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    While driving, irrespective of two wheeler or four wheeler or any wheeler, we should keep a cool head with patience. We should not abuse or pick up altercations with the slow drivers and divert our attention from driving. Be cool, be slow and steady while driving inside the cities. Don't chide the slow drivers, and think that you were also a slow driver and learner once upon a time. Of course, on the highways, I will ensure my Padmini overtakes all the vehicles in the front. All used to wonder my Padmini's flying speed.
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