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    Do you oblige others if they ask for your bike or car for some urgent purpose ?

    For me my vehicle is very dear and I love it so much like a family member. Maintenance of vehicle is very important for me and there is no compromise on that as our daily movement is purely dependent on it. In this situation if a friend or neighbor asks for my vehicle to fetch something or to attend some urgent work, I wont part with the vehicle for obvious reasons. Because I know others may not handle the vehicle as I do and I would squarely refuse them. What is your view on this ? Will you allow your vehicle to be shared with others in emergencies ?
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    You have asked a very interesting question and this situation is very common in our day to day life. Many people frequently ask their friends and neighbours these favours while some of us refrain from doing so.
    when ever a person asks such favour from us the first thing which comes in our mind is that why he is asking us rather than maintaining his own vehicle and keeping it ready for all times including emergencies. If he does not have a vehicle then he should hire a taxi instead of asking us as the wear and tear of our vehicle and the running cost will eventually add to almost equivalent to taxi charges.
    So generally speaking, giving your vehicle (or any gadget to that matter) on request is not an agreeable proposition.
    Does it mean we should never give a helping hand to our fellow beings ? No, in emergency conditions like accidents or something happening in the middle of night one can extend help and offer his vehicle to go to hospital or like that. These things are voluntary.
    So in general I will refrain for giving my vehicle on a casual call.

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    In Delhi, generally people don't allow other to use their own two-wheelers and four-wheelers. We also follow this principle. We don't allow others to drive our car. But, in couple of occasions, we took others to hospitals or in some other places like railway stations, airport, faraway bank branches, etc. during emergency situations.
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    Neither I will give my vehicle to others nor take a vehicle from others.

    Generally, I don't like someone using my belongings. Vehicle is an important item that should never be handled by others. I have bitter experience of giving my vehicle to others. In my life, Whenever I had given my vehicle to someone, the vehicle returned with some defect or damage. Once I had offered my Hero Honda bike to my nephew. He returned It with out the carrier box as he dashed it against the gate wall. And there is no question of my Padmini changing hands. She cannot be controlled by others. So, no one will dare to ask my Padmini for a drive.

    Also, I will never ask someone's vehicle for use. If I use it, I would surely land into some problem. Once, when I went to Kochi, one of my friend voluntarily offered his scooter (AP registration) to me for use. I accepted it and was proceeding to my destination. Unfortunately, a police stopped my vehicle (Never in my life I was stopped by the police) , and asked for the vehicle documents. The vehicle had no documents, no side view mirror, broken side indicator. He demanded Rs. 300/- as fine . I had to plead him, and finally paid Rs. 100/- and escaped. I returned the vehicle safely to the Rao Garu of AP with thanks and advised him to keep the vehicle documents in the vehicle. Thereafter, I learned a lesson that I should not use others vehicle.

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    In case of necessity, we are obliged to lend our vehicle. As far as four wheeler is concerned, it is not ideal for the other party to ask and we should not be hesitant to say 'no'. As Partha has already said, I prefer to drop them instead of giving the vehicle.

    Also, it depends on the circumstances and approach of the other end. Sometimes people who can afford to hire and sufficient time at their disposal to hire also would try to take an advantage of our weakness to lend the vehicle also matters. So, we should be firm on our stand.


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    Since the author is quoted the Emergencies, I would say Yes. Because in emergency situations, if you say no to lend a vehicle, it may cost dear. In that emergency situation also if our vehicle gets damaged, we may get it repaired else we can get it by buying a new one whereas if something goes wrong to the lender, by not helping them, even if he wants to buy, he may not get it. So, I mean to say, it depends on the situation.

    In the present scenario of living standards, everyone requires the help of anyone. The help may be in the form Vehicle. If you say no, the things cannot move. For example: In a family of four (husband, wife, child, dependent parent), if husband goes on tour, wife has to request her friend or neighbor either to drop the child to school, or to drop the dependent parent to hospital or bank. In such situation wife has to offer their vehicle to third person to get the help from them. If they dont have vehicle, she may lend the vehicle to get these things to be done.

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    yes i oblige my vehicle but not to other only to the well known person.
    For example : yesterday, i'm going from college to home my friend stand at the main gate of college and says me i need your vehicle for drop my girlfriend to her home. he helps me in past,he is my neighbour also so i will give my vehicle to him.

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    When someone is in emergency, especially during the night, and no other means and methods available to them, and they are in dire need of a vehicle to convey, I might help them as a driver of my vehicle and meet their requirement, but never offer my vehicle to them.
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    This is interesting. Everyone loves his/her vehicle special men they love their vehicle as if, it is a human being. And no one wants to give his vehicle to anyone unless in an emergency. I have a case of my brother he loves his bike more than anything, despite this he can't refuse anyone if someone asks him to borrow his Queen ( Bike). In such case he himself can become a driver but don't allow anyone to ride his bike..

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