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    Which kind of number formations you like : 1234, 9999, 747, 4646 or 4321 ?

    When you drive on the road we come across fancy numbers on the cars and we see some unusual combination of number which were even brought at hefty price through auctions at RTO. Some like the same number category like 9999, some are fascinated with serial number category like 1234, some may be interested in reverse category like 4321, some wants special numbers like 747 and I have seen in Hyderabad there is more liking for 786 number among Muslims. What is your preference in this regard ? For me any number does not matter.
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    I wish to have numbers, 9 or 99 or 999 or 9999. Nine is fine for me. I shine with nine.
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    Some people are crazy about fancy numbers and there is much demand to get their number of their choice as you have already mentioned. For me, I have no such belief. But given a chance to choose any number for mobile or vehicle (For vehicle there is no chance unless you register for a fancy number and wait for the turn!), I would like to have a number whose sum would be 6, as my birth day date happens to be 24.

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    I am not crazy about any number. But I like some numbers, such as, 3,6,27, 48, 49, 63,64,84, 96,98,105,112, etc. But I think that paying huge amount of money to get a good number for the number-plate is nothing but a show-off.
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