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    Superstar Rajnikanth Plans to Launch Political Party

    As per recent news reports, the 66-year old superstar Rajnikanth is likely to launch his own political party in Tamil Nadu which has recently witnessed political instability.

    While his Bollywood friend - Big B - Amitabh Bachchan has advised him not to get into / venture into politics.
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    Well in Tamil Nadu it has become a fashion for the actors take to politics when there is less offers or no care in the film world and in this case of Rajnikanth , he is at the peak of his acting caliber and do command good fan following even outside Tamil Nadu. But what I feel that his ambition may have set back because he is having the tag of liker of Karnataka and hails from that state. As long as Jaya was alive he never thought of this issue and now that there is lot of chance for a third entry, probably he was advised to start new political party. What I suggest that he can opt either AIADMK or DMK to join the politics and that would be the befitting and right decision. As long as these two parties are alive and active there is no chance for other new parties to enter and test their chances and that would be mere waste of time and money with no ultimate results. So Amitabh rightly advised him.
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    I would suggest Rajnikanth to join AIADMK and get the support of the MLAs and claim to become CM. Forming a separate political party is a long route with ups and down, smooth and rough roads, and could fail to achieve his goal. Ideal is the short route. He should canvass the AIADMK MLAs and come to power. I think Rajnikanth will be far better than OPS or VKS, and the mass of Tamilnadu would accept him as CM.
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    This is the problem with the people from Southern part where idol worship takes a prime ride in place of developmental concept. I am surprised to hear about the move by some people who are trying to rope in Rajani in active politics and the film star is also giving indications. In what way he could be different from Sasikala as both of them are politically novice? How come the pro-Rajani camp would oppose the candidature of Sasikala for the CM post?

    It appears the former Dy CM Stalin would be a ray of hope for the people of TN in the present scenario. The Governor hopefully may take a decision only after the court's judgement on her assets case and normalcy can be restored after that only.


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    When MGR parted Karunanidhi and formed AIADMK, did he have any political experience except his acting experience? But he had the liking of the mass and support of his large fans. He too performed well as CM and maintained his party. Subsequently, the party was taken over by Jayalalitha. And now it can be Rajnikanth who will have the support of his fans and the mass to see him as CM of TN. All the heads of DMK and ADMK has the film background.

    Annadurai was a drama actor and story/ dialogue writer. Karunanidhi was/is a story/dialogue writer. MGR an actor. Jayalalitha an actress. Can't we have Rajnikanth in the line?

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    Worship their leaders is not only restricted to southern India and available every part of India.

    Everyone has rights to launch political party in democracy country. Rajini won't enter into politics since he know very well that he don't have that much capacity. These kind of news(Rajini joining politics) also not new to TN since he always create this rumour by himself during his film release time, so that he get attention from media and people. This is purely his business tactics and nothing else and I am sure he never enter into politics.


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