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    Does Handwriting Really Reflect Your Personality

    It is a belief that handwriting reflects your personality. Each one has one's own style of writing and one's personality can be guessed based on the slants, curves, spaces etc in one's writing.

    According to graphologists, one's personality and character traits can be analysed through special techniques by studying one's handwriting. While some are against this and think it is a pseudo science and there is no accuracy in the analysis.
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    I don't think so. A man or woman changes his/her handwriting at different stages of life. Does it mean that his/her personality has changed along with the handwriting. All these fancy things are totally devoid of any logic.
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    Reflects, yes! Infact I think I can predict a person's character using the way he holds his pen or his handwriting alone. We don't realize that we exert our radiance all over our surroundings.
    And our surroundings does the same to us. So the daily actions we commit pretty much can summarize our characters.
    Not only handwriting but psychologists and detectives rely on various other "trivial" aspects too to find out about the accused's thinking. If the detective could understand suspect's character, knowing his next move is a walk in the park.

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    If one can make out the basic character of a person from the way he keeps his room, I do think the way one writes also can be an indicator to his character. Our handwriting might change during different stages of life but the way we write seldom changes. Each of us have a different way of designing (if I may say so) the letters we write. One may be able to better his handwriting through different techniques but if you observe closely the slants, curves, gaps etc does not change from its basic characteristic individual to us. So, I do feel that the claim by graphologists that handwriting reflects a person's personality is true to a great extent. The points advanced by Aditya in his response above also is noteworthy.
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    I don't think so. During my school days won a prize for my good handwriting. But nowadays i can't even understand my own handwritten notes and i don't even feel any changes in my attitude and personality. In my view way of holding a pen might reflects your personality but handwriting could not.

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    I do not subscribe to the view that hand writing would identify a person about his personality. When we are small, we do not know about hand writing at all. Having trained to write in individual letters , after coming to higher class the cursive writing starts and from their the importance of our hand writing also starts. What I feel that until the 10th class as student is not asked about create an hand writing style of his own. In the tenth class being the first board exam, the teachers and invigilators also insists us to write legibly so that the hand writing would be good and that is understandable. This way when we go on increasing with age, the hand writing and the hold over the language and script also changes. All these parameters cannot decide the character or the personality of a person through hand writing.
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    Yes,In my opinion Hand Writing really reflects personality.In the class it is seen students who are good in studies have good hand writing ,but who are poor have bad handwriting.Perfection in handwriting is needed.In schools many ways are adopted to make students to write in good handwriting . Gandhi ji used to say I was ashamed due to my poor writing.A mathematician's writing style is totally different from a teacher.
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