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    Do you feel 'Corruption' has no medicine and is dangerous than Cancer?

    'Corruption', with which we are all very much familiar and everyone of us is a victim of the same for at least once in our life. It has its own track in the society running parallel with development activities. Whether the scheme is for people, infrastructure, media, economy improvement, industry or anything else, it exists everywhere. So many efforts have been made since independence by so many agencies like government, NGOs and Corporate sectors through various awareness programs, but in vain. Even the present government is also forcing every sector to get rid of it. Corruption has mingled with in each and every field expanding its wings day by day as if every nook and corner is to be under its shadow.

    Just by hearing the word corruption itself, everyone start pointing their finger towards the government sector, but it is not correct. I don't deny its existence in government sector but the society has witnessed its existence many a times in the private sector and in corporate sectors too. That is why I said it has spread its roots in every sector like Cancer cells. Even cancer can be cured as per it's stages whereas corruption, once started in any field or mind, won't get out of it at any cost.

    Hence I can say that corruption existed in the 'past', it is there in the 'present' and it will be there in the 'future'. There is no medicine to cure corruption. And it is more dangerous than the deadly disease Cancer. What do you say?
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    Yes corruption is cancer now but can be eradicated slowly steadily in future. Like there is no cure for certain ailments and the mere knowledge is the cure for that like wise by imparting knowledge to the people to be alert on not obliging for corruption nor indulge in corruption. That way the society can be changed to be every alert. The other day I have seen one officer was smeared with red hot mirchi powder for seeking favors through corrupt practices for doing a work and he was ably treated by the people with this kind of punishment. Awareness and strict vigil can bring down corruption drastically.
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    Why my thread is being ignored by our valuable members? Whether my thread is so hard to discuss or everyone wants to be 'touch me not' by seeing the title itself. I hope I have given never ever ending topic. But the interest / attention of our members are not being created. Why?

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    As told by author, everybody's mind is relating the word corruption only with Government either politicians or officials but the corruption has started right from the home from small things to bigger things. For children, people give what ever they need if they have to do something. Also students at any cost wanted to take their seat in their optional college/course and after finishing it the same students started talking about corruption about government officials etc.,

    Yes in India it has gone deep like height of ocean and its spread clearly at grass root level and really doubt whether it can be cured permanently.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I doubt if corruption can be removed completely. If a way is found to remove corruption, then people find new ways to get corrupted and make money. We give money of our work needs to be done and thus we are encouraging corrupted people to take money even though we do not like it. We don't fight legally for our work to be completed instead we want it to be completed sooner and pay. Since we pay money, the official will purposely delay the work so as to take more money. In one or the other way even citizens are responsible for corruption and we all are corrupted atleast once in life.

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