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    What do to remove stage fear completely ?

    There are still having this problem called stage fear in youth so what to do to remove stage fear from ourselves.
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    I don't know. I am extremely scared of public speaking. I earnestly hope that experienced Members will provide some suitable advice in this regard.
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    Initially you should deliver your written speech on the stages. After few speeches, you will get out from the stage fear, and will be confident to speak on your own without any paper. Also, you should feel that the audience are all your friends and equals.
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    Very good question posed by the author. Stage fear is present in every one and it has to be gradually removed. For that try to speak first in front of the mirror with good body language. That will give your the right feed back and courage as to your look, your appearance and also the fearless way you confidently talk in front of the mirror. This you do daily so that you will get accommodated with a free flow talking ability. Then try to participate in the society gathering , colony meets and during festival and flag hoisting ceremonies locally. That will give further boost. Also at school and college level try this often no matter you make mistake. Once the fear is gone, then you will able to speak fluently and not even looking into the written subject. In fact such would be the confidence that you will dare to speak in front of PM or CM as your audience.

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    I have been quite active on stage and even though, I have hosted some of the biggest award shows in Delhi, for a second I used to be nervous in general before stepping onto the stage. To avoid the same, I try to make myself comfortable around the stage. During trials, I go to the main area, a lot, try to look for spaces, where I can view all of the audience and avoid flashing stage lights from my eyes. Make sure, I prepare well for the event.

    Same I used to do so for my Group Discussions and other activities. It's better to be a good listener, active speaker to be confident on stage and get pass the stage fear.

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    Stage fear is common among many of us. Negative thoughts could be one of the reason for stage fear. Always be positive and don't think of what others will say, your work is to deliver so just deliver it confidentially. Start speaking out in groups first. When you start speaking in a small group you will gain confidence. Slowly start increasing number of people in group and start. Give one or two speaches on stage. Don't worry about the result or how you spoke. Just speak and keep speaking every now and then. Slowly you will see changes in yourself and start gaining confidence to speak out openly. Never be hesitant.

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    Himanshu there can be good , better and best answers to your question and you should not miss use the facility given by this site. If you feel any response as best then stop on it and never go on rate other responses too.
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    As Mohan said, it is never an easy and ending job to loose stage fear. However, having said, right practise and gaining confidence would yield right results. From my personal experience, I say it is good to practise before mirror and ask questions to yourself and answer them, sing songs, check how you appear when you smile, feel angry, feel shy etc. This gives you an idea on what to improve on and what to avoid.

    One more important point to always remember is to be prepared well in advance to appear before crowd. You can confidently speak and tend to not forget what you have to deliver before any number.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Thanku very much to all for your responses. your responses really inspired me very well.There is lots of things which i can left because of stage fear but finally by reading your responses i must say i cannot fear to go on stage now.

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    I partially agree with our members those who told about practice before mirror. Such activity will be definitely useful to display dramatic activities. I mean, it will be useful to showcase the talent in cultural activities. Whereas if you go for delivering a lecture or a speech, mirror activity may not work out. For this you have to have the command over the subject you are going to deliver and develop confidence within you with a concept 'you can do it'.

    Apart from the above, take a deep breath before getting onto the stage. First you should make your zone comfortable by keeping your near and dear ones with you. In the initial stages, you should feel that you are in your home or room where you are more comfortable. Initially addressing the audience face to face is a difficult task to any one, so I suggest you to be within the focus lights area so that you may not see the audience directly which makes you comfortable.

    With these few tips one can be away from stage fear gradually.

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    I feel that stage fear arise only when one is confounded about the speech to be delivered effectively. If a person is confident enough about what to speak and how to speak, then there is no stage fear at all. I used to fear a lot when some teachers used to call me up suddenly to give a speech in school to frighten me up. But now that I have known what and how to say, I am even ready to compete those teachers.

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