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    The cricket-loving girls haven't even heard the name of Diana Eduljee

    This thread is not to ridicule or belittle anybody. I am simply expressing my astonishment. Please refer to the following question and my responses:-
    Age limitation for a woman to join the team

    In my first response to the question, I mentioned about Diana Eduljee, a legendary Indian woman cricketer who played for India at international level for 18 long years (1975-1993). The answer was not found convincing and it did not get any cash credit. However, in my second answer, I talked about Sachin Tendulkar and my answer was immediately recognised.

    It is really a matter of great regret that even those girls who want to play international cricket for India, haven't heard of Diana Eduljee, the great bowler, who, along with Shantha Rangaswamy, painstakingly developed Indian Women's Cricket Team during 1970s and early 80s. She is in the recently appointed BCCI panel.
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    Yes I am aware of the great women cricketer Diana Eduljee was played for India between 1975 and 1993. I can remember some of the names like Shantha Rangaswamy, Neetu David, Sandhya Agarwal, Anjum Chopra , Purnima Rao to name the few greats. It is good that Diana is now looking after SC appointed BCCI panel.
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    There is no indication that the cricket-loving girl does not know who Diana Edulji is. The girl had a specific doubt, which your first response perhaps did not satisfactorily erase. Her doubt was about getting into the team - not how long players can play. Remember, the girl might still be in her teens and desperate to get into the sport at a professional level. At that age, most youngsters look for assurance. She might have failed to realise what your response indicated - that players can represent their country at any age. The focus remained on the age at the time of selection. She failed to join the dots.

    Also, the members do not give the CC. Selecting your subsequent response as the best could be nothing more than a reaction. She might not have weighed your responses before selecting one.

    Women cricket is not popular. At least, she knows there is a women's cricket team.

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    Ms. Juana (#590650): I beg to differ. The question was : "I m 18. And I want to join indian cricket team.
    So what is the age limitations for a woman to join the indian cricket team? Can I join the team after 18 or more?"

    My first answer was specific. I stated: "There is no age-limitation for joining Indian cricket team (men's or women's). I know that Diana Eduljee played international cricket for India well above 40. However, the author may clearly state whether she wants to join junior or sub-junior cricket team, or not. In those cases, there is age-limit. For junior level, the age-limit is 19 years. I hope the author would elaborate her question."

    The girl was not convinced. But when I gave the example of Sachin Tendulkar, she was convinced. From the reaction, I think that she hasn't heard about Diana Eduljee (or Edulji). I think all girls who aspire to join Indian cricket must know about the legendary cricketer.

    But I reiterate that this is not to belittle others. I am astonished.

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    We will check it out and discuss it with the AE editors.

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    Partha, we can understand your astonishment. However understand this fact too. You have provided your first answer when the thread was in Forum. All forum thread and responses are auto-approved and so your first answer was also in approved state. Later, the thread was moved to Ask Experts. You have provided your second answer there in AE section. All AE answers will be in New Submissions until manually reviewed. So your second answer did come to editing screen first. That is why your first answer stays only default point allotted. Thanks for bringing it to our notice. Now we will directly edit your first answer.

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    Ms. Vandana and Ms. Jebaprincy: I am totally misunderstood. This thread is NOT an indirect pressure for enhanced cash credit. I am astonished that the concerned Member was not convinced when I gave the example of Diana Eduljee. She was convinced only when I gave the example of Sachin Tendulkar. The impact of Diana Eduljee in Indian women's cricket is no less than the impact of Sachin Tendulkar in India men's cricket-may be much more.
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    It was not misunderstood. It was simply a matter of doing the right thing, of giving cc to a response which answered the query. Besides, you did say "The answer was not found convincing and it did not get any cash credit."

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Partha, see the response by the author in the query under reference after your first response therein. She is saying that someone had told her that one cannot join the team once she has completed eighteen years of age. That means she was not totally convinced with your response. And when you posted another response about Tendulkar playing after forty and many players playing even after thirty five and also gave the explanation that her friend must have told her about joining the junior team, she must have felt satisfied and selected your answer as the best one. So, your interpretation that she was not aware of Diana Eduljee appears to be out of place.
    The technicalities involved while shifting a forum thread to the Ask Expert section has already been explained by Jeba in her response above. Hope the matter is clear now.

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    Saji's response covers what I wanted to put down. His response is in sync with my views. The young girl's response in no way indicates that she was unaware of who Diana was.

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