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    Is mother tongue necessary?

    Now a days lot of parents are crazy about English and English medium.
    Even i am no exception. I have enrolled my kid to an acclaimed school in Bangalore. My observation is that for a child to develop structured thinking abilities kids must be taught in their mother tongue atleast upto 4th standard.
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    Rashmi what I feel that if a child does not know the mother tongue as to how to speak, how to read and how to write, it becomes difficult in future for him or her after getting married. In olden days the communication was done through post cards and inland letters and the writings were done through mother tongue. Suppose the husband was transferred and the wife has the compulsion to live in the present city along with the child for the study purpose or her own job purpose, then writing letters were become so important. Now a days with cell phones and e mails, every communication is done, thanks to social media. In this melee the importance of mother tongue has lasts its sheen. What I recommend that you need not give schooling on mother tongue, at least talk to the child in mother tongue and make them learn at home so that some hold on the language is possible.
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    I recommend you to learn the kid at home when kid is of 3-4 years.
    family member play an important role as
    children's 'first teachers' and research should explore the roles of informal and non-informal education and family interaction in promoting higher order cognitive skills using the mother tounge.

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    A child learns its mother tongue from the womb itself. During the pregnancy, all the conversations of its mother is heard by the child. When it comes out from its mother's womb, it can easily recognize the words and phrases from her mother. The child develops fluency in its mother tongue. Supposing, if the mother is highly educated and speaks English at home, her child would be a British with good English. So, mothers should speak in their own mother tongue or the local language, if they want their child to be expert in the mother tongue.

    For a child, it is necessary to learn its mother tongue, to cope up and mingle with the children around. If not, other children will consider the child as British and would keep the child in isolation.

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    Mother Land and Mother Tongue is always unforgettable. Both the words are loved to be heard of. Feeling of the both cannot be described. If you are in an alien place and all of a sudden happened to be heard of your own mother tongue, you cannot express your feelings in words to share. So much of importance the mother tongue has.

    As our friends opined, baby would learn the language of mother tongue very easily. No need of training is required to speak. The only thing is we have to speak in our home in mother tongue only. Though joining the kids in schools in a medium of other than the mother tongue, it is the responsibility of the parents to make them learn the mother tongue to read and write. Hence I would say Mother Tongue is very much necessary for anyone.

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    I think mother tongue should be a necessity of life. I am not saying that one should have mother tongue as subject or one should have any degree in that. It's all about communication and it can create communication gap between
    younger and older generation. Suppose if parents of child can speak hindi, english
    as well as their regional language, but they don't use their mother tongue in front
    of their child, then he could not learn this. And they can not even
    communicate with their grand parents. And if they will not communicate they will create a gap between them and grandparents.

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    No one can decide his mother or father as they are boon to the child. No parents are harm to the child on any situation but the children we cannot predict the action of them towards the parents. Like this mothertongue is the one which is automatically inherited in the child by birth. There has been a saying we can find one's mother tongue by hitting his leg strongly. He or she automatically shout in his or her mother tongue with pain. The importance of mother tongue can be realized only when one is out in the place of where his or her mother tongue is not in vogue.

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    Learning mother tongue is essential not only for babies but also for grown-up people to express their inependent thoughts clearly. Mastery or fluency over any other language can't replace mother language. If a person doesn't learn his/her mother language, his/her education remains incomplete. Moreover, he can't become self-confident in epressing own views in any other language. Other languages can only become supplementary to mother language, those cannot become alternative.
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    Mother tough is important but we need not get the child in the formal schooling. I found any school teaches the kids one compulsory English which is need of today's scenario and other is Hindi. Mother tongue is important as a kid get developing his/her thought process developed with the language he/she continuously in touch either in listening and in speech. For me, the environment of language in which the child grow is the will be mother language for the child. Merely my child is from Kerala, Maharashtra or any other language he/she belongs hierarchy. Important is the language he/she surrounded during development stage of learning language.
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    Not only up to 4th standard but till 10th it should be compulsion. Since along with reading and speaking , people of state should able write language. Many language are diminishing because people don't write in it. Nowadays I prefer to write in mother tongue so that I feel more closeness to my native people.
    E.g. Sanskrit has studied by many people still 10th. I have lot of my co-workers have too studied but now they find hard to write and read it again. Slowly Sanskrit is vanishing though it is very powerful language.
    India is great country because of diversity and because of it also we have unity. I recommended to prefer having mother tongue as one of subject in their studies till 10th , once grown up kids will be grateful for your choice.
    Our current average age working generation speaks and write English very well even though most of them did not have English as their primary. So English you will learn eventually but it will hard to learn month tongue.

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    Yes,you are right.When teaching is done through mother tongue the students understand the whole process accordingly.Basic Shiksha Policy has given by Mahatma Gandhi.In that policy ,it is said, teach the lesson in mother toungue,so that student can understand it.In English medium pre-primary and primary schools student do not understand ,but they rote it.
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    It is difficult to imagine a child without mother tongue. This is the most basic and rudimentary communication tool for the new born. Without this a child can not acquire the culture and mannerism of his parents. The initial 4-5 years of the child require the mother tongue not only to whisper in the ears of her mother but also to understand the atmosphere where he is present. Without mother tongue his mental progress and mental alertness will be at jeopardy.
    So mother tongue is essential ingredient for the healthy growth of a child.
    In addition to mother tongue if a language like English is being taught to the tiny tots, it will be very beneficial to them in their life later. The human brain is very powerful and during childhood one can learn as much as being taught to him.

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    Is mother necessary? If yes, then mother tongue is an automatic extension. It is the language in which a mother communicates to her child from day one, in its infancy and early years. It is the language with which she teaches al the initial lessons of survival and existence to the child.

    Mother tongue is like mother's milk. That is the first natural food to a child. For its growth for sometime that is enough and complete. However a child cannot sustain its needed growth only on mother's milk. It needs some other food items also.
    Slowly the child is weaned away from its mother's milk as mother cannot give sufficient milk to the child and the child cannot sustain on mother's milk alone also.

    We can say similar explanation about mother tongue also.

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