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    Does ISC permit this or against this members account?

    Dear ISC Web Masters, and Managing Editor,
    A query: A family consisting of husband, wife, son and daughter have registered as members of ISC using different user ID, password and e-mail ID. Being a single family, and all the members living in the same house, they share one single computer for their ISC activities as convenient to them. They may be regular or irregular, active or inactive, much interested or less interested , present or absent.

    Does ISC permit this family membership or against this family membership?
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    ISC allows family membership case to case. That should be made public in open forum if they are really family members or close friends sharing one computer or atleast be informed privately to the Webmasters. Unfortunately, those people are abusing the system. ISC has experienced it in the past/present. For example, if one member gets blocked / suspended for few days, the another member pops-in. Sometime, in an heated arguments / achievements, each one supports others. There are so many other examples of abusing, the limit of which, is the sky. The active clever member knows who is having multiple IDs at ISC. So instead of hiding behind the cloud, they should boldly convey the right information and not abuse the system. ISC constantly monitors those accounts and keeps track of history of those multiple IDs. Hence answer to your question is, family accounts are allowed with prior/later permission.

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    Jeba Princy,
    Good. I have never seen such orders existing anywhere in the ISC guidelines or instructions. If there is any such instruction, please let the ISCian know it. Kindly post the URL of it. If not existing, kindly take up this matter to incorporate it somewhere in the ISC guidelines and instructions. Was there any member who sought permission to have their family members enrolled in ISC and got it approved?

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    You can checkout here and also the response #446021 to have a better idea about your doubt. There is no need to issue separate guidelines and instructions on this account.

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    With reference to a query you made in #590676 - yes, a couple of times I've had requests to allow family members to be enrolled as members at ISC. I had directed those requests to the Webmasters and they gave the green signal after a thorough check. We've also had requests via the forum. I think the responses already given have clarified the issue quite well & there should not be anything further to discuss.

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    I didn't know that SC allows family membership on case to case basis. This is totally new information for me. Can I have the details?
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    Dear ISC,
    I understood the fact of the matter. It is illegal for a member from the same family using the same computer to claim referral bonus. I have my own family members at ISC referred by me and they don't claim any referral bonus. They have their own profile name and nick name, and no change of name is required or requested. We family members consult and help each other in ISC activities. At times, they are more active or inactive owing to compulsions and domestic requirements.

    Mr. Patro:
    The thread you linked and WM Tony's message do not demand a request or permission from members to enroll their family members as ISC members, but to ensure that they do not claim referral bonus.

    As of now, all my family members are registered ISCians. I am very active. My beloved is gold but less active ( I said this earlier too). My children are silver and not active and away from home. They are not entitled for referral bonus as they have not been referred by me as my referrals. They are purely a different identity but sharing my computer at home.

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    Fine Mr Sun, now that you have come up with a seemingly genuine doubt and have declared that all your family members are registered members of this site, do you feel it would be against your interests to reveal their IDs here? Not that the admin is unaware, but it would help clear the air. What do you say?

    And what do you think is the suggestion behind point number three of the thread referred to by Jagdish is? It is not fair to expect each and every message to be made crystal clear.

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    Editor Saji,
    It won't be appropriate to reveal my family composition and their names or ID as it would affect my privacy. As you have said in your response -"Not that the Admin is unaware", Let it be between the walls of ISC Admin, and need not be published to the public of ISC. Hope you understood my point.

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    Then what was the need (intention and genesis known!) for raising this thread Mr Sun? What are you trying to prove?
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    Editor Saji,
    You should understand yourself what prompted me to raise this thread. As some intelligent technical savvies of ISC are behind my multiple IDs of my family members, I had a doubt whether we can keep multiple IDs and use them from one common computer, or ISC has any objection to have such multiple IDs from same computer.

    You may lock this thread as deemed fit by you.

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    Mr Sun, all answers to your doubts can be found from the responses above (just read them carefully and you will understand). I don't see any need for further elucidation. Just be true to yourself and do no wrong; why should you worry then?
    I am locking this thread now.

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