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    Some thoughts and reactions, like beans, need an overnight soak

    There are certain types of beans which need to be left soaked overnight and not just a few hours in the morning before cooking. I like to think that certain of our thoughts too, like those beans, are best left to rest in our grey cells through the night while we sleep. In the morning, when we awaken, we are more likely to realize that what we wanted to say was not really worth expounding in the manner in which we were going to do so the previous day. This is especially the case with angry thoughts or sharp and too blunt reactions.

    Your thoughts on this.....and let them soak overnight if necessary!
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    Yes, true. That is what is called gestation period. Some of our thoughts also need some gestation period. It is like chewing the cud by animals.
    This becomes beneficial in regard to certain negative thoughts like anger, regret, thought of failure, feel of revenge etc. But during that soaking or resting our own other side of reason, ration, logic and experience should do the churning, review and settling. Then only the soaking will become helpful.

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    Who said that our mind will be taking rest when we are fast asleep. In fact it will be going on exploring new information and investigations in its own way and due to that activeness of mind only we tend to get good dreams on the thinking line of our reality. One thing is sure, when ever a idea flashes to your mind, irrespective of the time. make a note in the memory of your brain and retrieve the same in the morning. If you have surely memorized the matter to be discussed next morning there is no question of forgetting. So I am not in favor of soaking the idea, it must be converted in to the action or sharing with others immediately.
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    Anything by soaking gets fresh look or new look. In the same manner, the thoughts or ideas also gets new look with fresh flavour by refining the original one. A negative thought would gets refine and chances for turning out to be a positive. A positive thought would gets refine and shines further.

    We all heard that decisions taken in outburst mood do not yield positive results, that's why taught to count at least 10 numbers before taking any decision thinking that decision would be in right manner.

    I therefore agree with the author to soak the thoughts and reactions before its materialisation. Think well. Do well.

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    K Mohan,

    I am not talking about general ideas that pop up like a flashbulb. I am talking about words that we may want to spew out in a sharp retort in response to some communication we've got. Why not think about it calmly? The more time we let pass I feel, the more likely we are likely to diffuse the anger within us. Looking at it afresh with a rested mind will likely give us a fresh perspective on it.

    Of course, in the case of conveying something good, like expressing genuine appreciation or conveying a caring attitude or saying thanks, these should be conveyed right away no matter how busy we may be. No need to soak those, even for a few seconds!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    I couldn't agree more with you on the subject.

    Yes, sleeping over some thoughts does help, but not always. Next day, or after sometime, one does feel that his/her reaction was just impulsive, not necessary and one feels that he did the right thing by waiting for some time before reacting to it.

    But, sometimes some thoughts are a bit stronger and do not allow one that soaking period, then another good option or the next best option is to write it down and wait for some time before hitting the send button. Yes, I literally mean to write it somewhere like in a notepad on a computer. That way it gets out of one's mind and does not get send. It does save a lot of trouble most of the times.

    If both the above things do not work, then to get the feeling out of one's system, one must dispatch the ball to opponent's court as soon as possible. One's own peace is far more important than other person's sleep.

    So many factors play a role in it, so, it is not possible to generalize it.

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    An excellent thread on expression of thoughts and deeds. All positive and good thoughts need not be soaked but expressed then and there without delay. All the negative thoughts, feeling, opinion, comments etc need to be soaked well before expressing it. However, there are also negative thoughts which cannot be soaked, and if soaked, it might give a negative effect and disturb our peace.
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