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    Insecure people generally doubt a lot

    Do you agree with my above title about people who feel insecure? I feel they are the ones who have a very doubting nature. If an insecure person is near two people who are whispering, may be about some random topic, he feels that they are speaking about him. If people are laughing at some jokes, he will start doubting that they are making fun of him. He always has a fear of losing someone or something because of his nature and thus creates problems to someone he is very close to. It is based on my observation on all these that I feel that insecure people have a doubting nature.
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    True but partially. It might not insecurity alone rather it can be jealous, fear, lack of trust on oneself. Being human, one expects attention towards them and it happens that if someone stopped talking or paying attention to one, they start feeling they left alone and starting evaluating contexts. Its a natural tendency to feel so.

    However, once he/she feels to work on what exactly it takes them or think out of box, they will have no time to realise what others think of them.

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    What I feel that those who are not having confidence in themselves and a bit shy to open up their views and imaginations to others are always very doubting about every thing and in that insecure can also be included. Many have the tendency to follow the path of others. That means one needs a initiator to ignite the source and others would just follow him. They feel secure as many are following the same route and thus there is no question of insecurity. But that is wrong tendency and wont give enough and correct results. Nothing can match total understanding and good planning.
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