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    Are the present generation youngsters socially responsible?

    Youngsters are always the strong pillars of a nation. Only the youngsters have the power to bring a revolution and developments in a country. The youngsters of India are intelligent, talented and have a wide exposure to technology and media. The technology has shifted our culture to a different level but still social responsibility is visible at a high level through the actions of the present generation youngsters. Very recently lot of news articles revolves around the modern youngsters of India conducting tree planting drive, community health service, beach cleaning drive, awareness programmes and cleaning the wastes and weeds from ponds and rivers, etc. Usually the school and college students particularly the volunteers from NSS, JRC, YRC and RRC involve into the social service activities. But nowadays lot of corporate people, youngsters and working people are doing service to the society.

    Do you find social responsibility among the Indian youngsters? What is the real power of youngsters in India?

    Share your opinions about today's Indian youth.
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    There is no second doubt about youth and youngsters joining the social responsibility issue based and achieving the result with great success. The recent Jallikattu agitation is the best example. For the seven days the youngsters who were called to the Marina Beach through social media were making there presence felt the world over and thus even the government has to bow to their demands and that too with immediate effect. If that is taken to be granted, the youth can change the every system of this government if any issues bothers them. Surely youth power has to be hailed.
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    We cannot generalise. Some youth are very social conscious and some others are career-oriented. But from my experience I can say that the attitude of human beings change with passage of time. In my school, some students were very serious and career-oriented. We used to find them very boring. Now, I find that those friends keep track of everyday happenings more minutely than me. On the other hand, some of my socially-conscious friends have now become very career-conscious. They no longer bother about the society.
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