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    Bow to your parents today: 14th Feb Parents worship day

    We are all indebted to our parents for their great sacrifice and patience in creating, nurturing and making a person to be fit enough to carry on our own life without anybodies help. Today the 14th Feb is celebrated as the World Parent worship day. No body is above father and mother and we are all duty bound to respect them every day. But for those who forget the contributions of the parents at least this day they can bow their head on their feet and seek blessings. Only parents can give their best wishes to us from deep heart.
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    Parents are living Gods. As per our Hindu mythology parents are more than God. We are in this world because of them. The hardships taken by them to make us as good citizens and responsible beings are uncountable. So we have to worship them always. Now a days many are not taking care of their parents. This is inhuman. It is our duty to take care of them. Simply giving money is not the solution. Affection towards them and making them to live with us will give them happiness.
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    Our Indian culture is giving priority to parents irrespective of all religions, though our country has many religions and castes. In our sanskrit slokas and epics are stressing the importance of parents as Mata Pita Guru Deva. By giving fourth place to God but giving first two places to Parents which means Parents are more than God. They are living God. In our house my parents had the practice of worshiping their parents through namaskarams daily morning. we have the practice even today paying namaskarams to parents whenever we go to examination or interview. It is simple procedure to show our love and care. In recent spiritual meeting our Guru stressed the love and affection to Parents in every person as the same is reflected to him in his future.

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    We can't express the greatness of the parent in words. But we can show the respect and the graduate towards them the greatest love, the greatest gift and the greatest sacrifice they have given only for the sake of our happiness. I don't believe in god but for me, my parent is God for me and more than that.
    As author mention in the thread that today is the World Parent worship day, I saw it the first time here only. As per my knowledge, there is no such day celebrated as world parent worship day. But it is celebrated in some part of India which is a great initiative.

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    Parents Worship Day was created to oppose the Valentine's Day by the Hinduvata extremists groups. Their motive is to stop inter caste marriage and keeping castes alive!

    Here in Tamil Nadu, people can celebrate Valentine's Day without any problem!

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