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    Do You Think Indians Need Awareness On Maintaining Etiquette in Public Places?

    Do you think Indians in general (irrespective of class, age and gender) need to be made aware of how to behave in the public places? For instance surrounding the counters instead of standing in lines, rushing to counters or other such places instead of waiting for their turn, unnecessary pushing / pulling in heavily crowded places and then scolding / shouting at others for the push / pull for no known reasons.

    Is such a behavior in public places is the outcome of the don't care attitude of Indians? Or do you think Indians should be made aware of maintaining etiquette in public places?

    Please share your views / opinions / perspective / suggestions on such related issues in public places in India.
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    It's because of don't care attitude of Indians we see such a behaviour in public places. Most of the Indians are educated and enough awareness will be created. We should have discipline and moral values. Every Indian should should have an attitude of not creating nuisance in public and be disciplined. For example, there are people are scream and talk even if the person they are talking to is sitting right beside them. This nature is very annoying for others present there. If a person does not know etiquettes then there is no wrong in creating awareness. But my question is, how many people aware of etiquettes follow this? Creating awareness is not just enough. One must feel from within only then something can happen.

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    Yes on the lines of Swatchh Bharath Abhiyan , there should be awareness campaign on etiquette in public place as to how to behavior with proper queue and no commotion. The other day I was watching a comparison video of Japan and Indian Railways stations during the peak hour. The way the queue system was followed without any urgency or over powering others was just spell bounding. Where as the Indian version video shows that there is total commotion and virtual stampede from the passengers not giving ways to the alighting passengers nor they are boarding in systematic manner. In that melee the time runs out and the train starts with so much passengers standing helplessly. The elders and children are worst effected as they cannot surge into the crowd and board the train especially in the crowd like Mumbai.
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