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    Two years and waiting

    I am bringing up something from almost two years ago. Now seems an appropriate time as 'copied content' was, fervidly discussed, in the forum, with 3 members of the editorial team giving their views.

    Almost 2 years ago, I brought to the notice, of one of these members, copied content that I found in the resource section. Details of the article along with links where the identical material was published had been provided. The article on ISC appeared to be pieced together from information available on different sites. It was either that or two unconnected sites had coincidentally found the article on ISC and copied bits of it, to construct their own pages. I want to add here that the copied content came into the discussion during lengthy email exchanges. There was a reason why I brought it up back then and a reason why I bring it up again.

    Two years is enough time to delete a copied resource and/or lodge a DMCA. Since all the content is still present on the web; I take it that my mail was ignored. There is a likelihood of ISC having given permission for the external publishers to use the content published in the resources. However, if that is what happened; the same could have been conveyed to me. There were other pieces that had snippets of copied content, which I made mention of, in my communication. There is also the fact that at least one external site updates its copyright year, regularly, the other stopped doing so in 2015. Hence, it shouldn't be construed that the content in the external links was added at a later date. The content in these external links has been there for years.

    I do not want to the name the individual I had these email communications with. However, I have a record of all our exchanges.

    Here is the link to the resource in ISC where I discovered copied content. The sections posted under 'What is a Home Stay' and 'Types of Home Stays' are identical to content published under the same headings on this website.

    The content under "What can we Expect in Home Stays?" in the ISC article is identical to the content published under "What can you expect in Home Stays" in this external article. In the same external link the content under "Being Co-operative & Earning Respect" is the same as "Duties and Responsibilities of Guests in a Home Stay" in the ISC article.

    A forum thread received severe criticism, and there is no action for nearly 2 years, for a resource that consists of sections published on other sites. Something is not right.

    I have used the category with utmost care - this is not a complaint, but a request to address a matter that's been ignored (I think) for almost 2 years.
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    Juana, the matter has been put up to the concerned section. Please wait for a suitable response. I am not aware about the email communications you had but we would look into the point conveyed and let you know at the earliest. Please wait.

    In the meanwhile, members are requested to keep cool.

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    You correctly concluded that your complaint was ignored. It is not possible to take action against everything reported. Sometimes, we investigate and conclude that the complaint is not valid. Some other times we ignore the complaints due to lack of information to identify whether the complaint is valid or not.

    In case of copied content, there are cases we are not sure whether our member copied from other site or other site copied from our site. In such cases, our editorial team use their best judgement and take a decision.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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